In case all of you are wondering where I disappeared and for those who have been checking on this space to see whether I posted or not, I want to let you guys know I’m done with this #Blogathon 2020 !!

Sunday my husband slipped on black ice and fell on his face and had to be taken to the ER. He fractured his nose and got numerous stitches on his face. Ever since you can understand my mental state. I won’t go in any gory details since the image keeps replaying in my head and I can still hear him scream.

His surgery went well on Monday morning but is still in a lot of discomfort. He’s back home and is recovering. I’m still getting chills thinking of what could have happened. Sorry for this almost bullet like post but honestly that’s all I can bring myself to write.

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Snowy Saturday – Day 18

A snowy Saturday deserves soulful food. Don’t you think?? Today is such a day for us. With Monday off this is such a relaxing weekend. Today we didn’t have any errands so we’re cooped up at home. Catching up on things at home. Cooking our favorite food. Taking naps!! Daughter finished off her homework and got brownie points by doing some extra work.

Lunch was cooked by the hubby. He made a barbecue sandwich and coleslaw which was requested by daughter. Sorry no pictures because we pounced on it the moment the food was served.

Dinner I’ve made a simple bengali meal. Omelette curry and fish in mustard n cilantro paste. Simple but finger licking good. Today has kind of been like a food heaven day for us. I now sign off with a pic of our simple dinner.


Fun Friday – Day 17

Hubby came home yesterday night instead of today. Today was one of the best days we had after a long time. He’ll be traveling Tuesday again but that’s ok. Today was too perfect!! Daughter had early dismissal today. After she left for school, we went out for some important things. After getting that done, we came home just before her bus.

We were supposed to go out for lunch. One of her friend’s mom invited her for the evening. So off she went and the hubby and I watched a movie. Their afternoon hangout stretched to dinner and movie. So she’s still at their house partying while the hubby and I are watching movies.

I’d completely forgotten about today’s blog and suddenly remembered that my post was due. I’ll quickly wrap it up while the hubby selects another movie. Blankets, fire and movie… mmmm perfect!! Now all I need is a glass of wine !! Wonderful start to the weekend…..


10th – Day 16

Today marks the 10 year since you’re gone!! I’ve come a long way from those days when I used to feel how can the world live when he’s not here anymore. There were days I swear I thought he would come and snap me out of that horrible nightmare.

Songs made me cry. People made me cry. Every corner and every street sparked a memory. Every little thing and I would turn to ask him my query. And now I’m kind of used to talking to him in my mind.

I remember the first year on this day I made his favorite food thinking he has to see to know we still think of him. But I don’t do that anymore. I know I don’t have to show him anything. He sees us but most importantly he hears our silent words. He knows we miss him. He hears when we talk about him. He watches us all the time !!


Just another day… – Day 14

It feels good to put ✅ in our to do list. Today is such a day. When I started the day I didn’t think I’ll get anything done. With grey skies and clouds looming large I wanted to get back to bed right after I put daughter on her bus. But good sense prevailed and I sat down with a steaming cup of coffee and talked to my mum for a good one hour.

After that I took a long leisurely shower. By this time I had given up any hope on getting things done. For once I didn’t fret but thought it’s ok to sometimes not get things done. I honestly thought I’ll just pamper myself. So for no reason whatsoever after my bath, I dressed up fancy. I even straightened my hair and put some basic makeup. Now if you know me I’m not a makeup person. For me a little kajal and lipstick and I’m done!! So that’s what I did.

After that I don’t know what got in me but it was like a wave of positive energy. I started doing one thing after the other. I organized my pantry. Cleaned the refrigerator. Organized some drawers that were crying for attention. Then of course tackled loads of laundry, vacuumed and mopped the floor. I had music on the whole time I worked and sang to my heart’s content. I had the whole house to myself and didn’t have to worry about hubby’s calls.

Even with the grey skies and the gloomy day I felt strangely chirpy. With so much done I felt so satisfied with myself that I rewarded myself with some good lunch. Afternoon went in doing other stuff and watching some tv.

One thing I realized that when I woke up in the morning i wasn’t in the best moods mainly because I was expecting somethings and knowing that wasn’t possible kind of threw me off the curve. Sometimes it’s good to pamper ourselves and do little things that make us happy. I know for a fact that today instead of starting my daily work after giving myself the needed me time if I’d started in the morning I would just be grumbling about the work that I had in front of me.

Today my little efforts went a long way. Trust me on the days you feel blue and grey, don’t wait for someone to cheer you. Do something that makes you feel good. If you can spare the time take a few extra minutes in the shower. Pamper yourself. Light those scented candles. Buy yourself flowers. Dress up just to feel good. Trust me it’ll be worth it !!


Nothing Really – Day 12

The house feels eerily quiet for a Sunday afternoon. The hubby left for the airport and daughter is at a friend’s place in the community. I hate when our weekend is cut short for the husband’s work travel. Who travels on a Sunday afternoon 😡??!! Since December he’s not had any travel so I’m especially missing him today. And to top it off he’ll be gone for the whole week. It’s Sunday afternoon and I’m already dreaming of Friday evening!! It’s gonna be long lonely week without him.

With daughter at her friend’s place, I tried doing little things here and there but I keep coming back and sitting on the couch watching something or the other. So now I’ll play something on the tv and get some work done.

This week with just the two of us at home, there won’t be much cooking so I’ve decided to deep clean the whole house. With the holiday season and a vacation away I’ve been brushing a lot of things under the rug. And this year, everyone is talking about the bad virus that’s going around so all the more reason to sanitize and deep clean the home.

For the last 10 years the days between Jan 11th and 16th are especially hard for me. So it’s very important I keep myself busy. If I sit looking back I’ll be sucked in a dark place I don’t want to go. Especially without the hubby home to pull me out. It’s going to be 10 years and still I remember every moment of these 5 days.

I started this post when it was bright and sunny and now it’s all dark outside. As you can see I haven’t made much progress with this post. So I think that’s my cue to sign off.


Sunny Saturday – Day 11

What a beautiful day it is today !! Not only temperature is way higher than what it is around this time of the year and it’s sunny too. Today morning hubby and I stepped out to take off the Christmas lights and the breeze felt so good. It almost felt like spring. Generally when we take off Christmas lights we’re freezing in cold. Today it almost felt weird dealing with Christmas lights and wearing a light jacket.

The neighborhood kids are outside playing or biking. Everybody looks so cheerful today. I felt good having the doors and windows open while I was cooking. Every one is saying this kind of temperature is bad and there’ll be more sick kids, I’ll just ignore that and let the daughter play outside. Never know when it’s gonna change again.

So off I go outside to enjoy the good weather !!