Mish Mash # 2

Summer holidays are in full swing here. I can’t believe I’m a mom of a super independent 3rd grader. Now I’ve always been one of those mums who was never in a hurry to fast forward the toddler years or the whiney phases. I always held those precious days to my heart. I lived in the moment and enjoyed every stage, pleasant or not. And if I’m honest, for most part it was a pretty smooth ride. Now that I see her growing up and becoming increasingly independent, I get emotional. While my heart swells with pride sometimes but then there are times I wish she was still my baby. But that’s a post for a different time :).

Already we are in the 3rd week of summer vacation and we are busy doing fun things while trying not to ignore our basic routine. The routine that I hold on to for dear life. The routine that keeps me sane. Daughter has planned her day pretty well. She has very wisely decided to do her daily studies in the morning straight after breakfast which is often followed by piano practice. Once those two are done, she has the whole day to play, bike, visit neighborhood friends and last but definitely not the least reading. She is still allowed to watch tv only on the weekends. So far things have things have been pretty smooth. Fingers crossed 🤞!! Unlike some kids I hear of, Daughter pretty much entertains herself with pretend play and books for most of her time. 

Friday we also leave for our week long vacation to the beach. So lots of fun coming our way. It’s going to be a much needed break for the hubby and me. Of course our friends from Indiana are also joining us. And what better way to unwind than to sip margaritas at the beach while the kids makes sandcastles and chase the waves. Can’t wait for the fun in the sun to begin !!

As I type I’m sitting outside her piano class and can’t believe how much she has progressed since she started about 2 months back. And the best part is she enjoys playing the piano and performing for us. I must say the decision to learn piano was more me than anyone else. Daughter is generally game to explore new stuff and try different things. But I told her this was something I really wanted her to learn. It’s something I always wanted but never quite got around doing it. And I’m so glad I ‘imposed’ this on her because she seems to be quite a natural. 

Yeah once again I’m here with a mish mash of jumbled stuff. That’s exactly what happens when you’re gone for a bit. There are so many things I want to document that deserves a full post but I never quite get doing them. Every time I sit to write, somehow I get carried away with the current thoughts of daily life and those that are crying for attention gets pushed back for another day. So that’s it for today !! Talk to you soon !! 


Mish Mash 

In a blink, April swept by me and I’m still trying to catch my breath. Not too much has been going on in my end and yet I’ve been busy with things here and there. Things called regular life with an active and super busy 8 year old. So before I had a chance to pen anything, we are in May. Wow!! May already and in my head it’s like 2017 has just begun.

We have just over 3 weeks till the end of the school year. I can’t wait for summer break to begin. Daughter is at this wonderful age where she pretty much doesn’t need me other than chauffeuring her around or for food. She’s extremely independent but still isn’t in the ‘tween/teen whatever’ phase yet. It’s wonderful to have conversations with her and I’m often amazed at the responses I get. 

I love hanging out with her be it at home or go out shopping. She’s my absolute bff these days. I love to shop and have those mommy n me day outs with her. These days with activities during weekends, summer is the only time to splurge in those luxuries. So I have a lot planned for summer. Three months of unstructured mommy hood with no running around daily. We aren’t doing any regular camps except for a horse riding one which she absolutely insists on doing. Apart from that one, one week camp, swimming and piano lessons will continue. Musical theater will be done after the year end show for the summer. The best part for me is no packing lunches. 

Her being an avid reader, there are times I don’t realize she’s at home. So that definitely helps both of us from getting in each other’s hair. For her a good chunk of the day is also spent in her room playing some pretend games. And right now her current obsession is Harry Potter and Nancy Drew books. She has read the first four books of the HP series and I’ve promised her that she can start the fifth book once the break begins. So you can be assured the first week is going to be spent in having her nose buried. 

We also have a trip to Myrtle beach planned for the last week of June. So definitely there are fun times in the horizon. With the beach vacation looming large, my weight loss plan has picked up double the speed. I only wish the numbers on the scale were a little more promising. Anyway that’s a topic for another day. For today I’m optimistic I’ll get there even if it takes time.

This seems to be a mish mash post of sorts but that’s exactly how my headspace is right now. Too many things screaming for attention. I think I need to do separate posts for a few that I want to talk about in detail but for today I just need to publish this before I re read and delete. So here’s a mish mash peek of my mind :). 

Daughter and her laundry 

Laundry is one of my most dreaded chore. Well I hate most chores but laundry definitely steals the first spot. Especially when the laundry basket sits full in the corner, there are times I can swear it mocks me and dares me to tackle it. But during moments of sheer laziness, I smile and ignore it. And during these very rare times it gets full and more full – kind of like full, fuller and fullest. I guess you get the drift that I did a load of laundry where the clothes were almost on the verge of overflowing from the washer. Yes, that was the sorry state of affairs today.

But while doing it the one person with whom I kept losing my cool was Daughter Dearest !! She’s lucky she was at school or else ….. you ask me if the laundry basket was filled why is it her fault. Surely I don’t expect my 8 year old to take care of her laundry, do I ?? No, I don’t !!

Putting clothes in the washer which is generally a 2 min job but mind you if you’re lucky to do her clothes it can take up to 10 mins. I kid you not. Every damn piece of clothing is inside out. Every single piece !! Really ??!! Inspite of my repeatedly telling otherwise. Why is it so difficult to remember, I have no clue !! 

If that’s not bad enough, you’ll find every leggings has an underwear inside it. Why can’t she put them in separately. And those little panties that are separated they are somehow rolled up. I don’t know how. Oh how can I forget, the leggings mostly also come with socks tucked in the bottom of the legs. And if that’s not enough the socks are almost always rolled in a ball. 

So by the time all these clothes were sorted and the buttons were pressed to start the machine whizzing I was done. I was ready to take a nap. But my laundry woes irritated me enough to sit and type a rant post dedicated to it. 

Raising a Toast 🥂

If raising a toast to life, having fun and being romantic is what takes for an anniversary celebration, we’ve been celebrating most days. Yes today is our special day. A day dedicated to you and me. 

Wow, 16 years huh !! It’s been a long journey and a fun one. To me it seems I’ve grown a great deal with you. You’ve always been the more mature, poised and in control while I’ve been ummm crazy, impulsive, short tempered, ever dramatic and impatient me. Actually that makes me sound pretty bad. Nope, today we celebrate both of us. So no criticisms allowed. While I’m all that I’m also the person who loves you like crazy. I’m also the one who has your back. I’m also the same one who’ll be there no matter what. 

For once I don’t want to do a thank you post just because this day is all about both of us. It’s a day I want to remember all our achievements and failures, all the celebrations and all those times we’ve fought, all the times we’ve travelled and all those lazy days at home. It’s a day we celebrate being a couple. All I want to say is I love you and there’s no one I’d rather do this fun ride with. 

So here’s to us !! May the sweet sixteen be the best yet !! Here’s to more happiness, more mistakes, more fights and more makeups. Raising a toast to a lifetime of togetherness 🥂!!

Done ✅ – Day 100

Oh my !! I’m done with 100 days already??!! Yayyyyy ….. I really can’t believe I pulled through this without missing one single day. Am I relieved?? Yes I’m but I must also confess that it wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be. Primarily because the topic was always a given. While that was easy most part of the 100 day journey but it was also super difficult on days I was really not happy. It was difficult to go on blah-blah about an insignificant incident. But I also realized by the time I was done writing, I felt better. I felt the happiness slowly creep up on me. The most important thing that I take away from this is I can be happy if I put my mind to it. It’s all about the power of mind. 

Now I really need to thank all of you who’ve take time to hit the like button and those who took time to comment on posts. And to all those silent readers who made their presence felt in the booming stats. That’s what kept me going. A big shout out to all you guys, THANK YOU SO MUCH for being a part of this 100 day journey.

I hope to continue writing more often in the coming days and not forget about this space. Right now I’ll take a break for a few days and hope to be here atleast couple of times a week to give you a sneak peek of my life and thoughts. For today I’m feeling super happy that I did this challenge successfully!!

This n That – Day 97

There’s a strange sense of feel good by the time I reach Wednesday. Yes it’s the hump day and you only have to deal with the boring Thursday and even though Friday is a work/school day but well it’s Friday!! While I’ve often wondered how growing up I never saw the days of the week impact my or my parents mood but I’ve resigned to the fact that days do impact our moods greatly. 

Today on a whim I decided to get the grocery shopping done instead of waiting for the weekend. That way I have one less thing to worry about and it’s so much better to do the shopping alone. The stores are less crowded and it’s easier to read labels without people giving you the ‘stares’. Of course shopping at my own pace also means buying way too many things. But for once I made sure I checked all the items off the list. So hopefully no surprises when I start cooking. 

I’m currently in love with the Pioneer Woman collection. Or let’s just say I love watching her show. Even though her collection is a little too rustic for my taste, but nevertheless I love looking at them. And I definitely love the gadgets and the different whisks and spatulas which are really handy if you happen to cook in a Dutch oven or in cast iron. These two happen to be my recent loves. I absolutely loooove them !! But I digress 🙂 !! So today I bought a set of mason jars with straws from the PW collection. With spring coming our way soon, I thought it would be a perfect touch to have juices, smoothies and lemonades from. And these yellow lid mason jars seemed perfect for the lazy summer afternoons or a picnic in the backyard. Now all I need is a nice picnic hamper.

You can guess, I’m in full preparation of the upcoming spring/summer months. And this time of the year makes me happy with days just about starting to get longer and a promise in the air. It makes one hopeful and in my case I choose to ignore the forecast of snow next week. For today, I’ll just look at the clear blue sky and the afternoon sun. 

Answers – Day 96

Pic courtesy: Facebook 
I saw this pic and it kind of stayed with me for some time. Recently I got an email where the sender wanted to know why I’m flaunting my happy life when so many others are probably not going through a happy phase in their current life. He/she also went ahead in saying that doing 100 Happy Days is probably very easy for me whose life is perfect and apparently who has a happy life. 

While I deleted the email almost instantly but the effect stayed with me. Needless to say I didn’t respond because I didn’t think I was obligated in any way to write to someone who was very rude. So even though I left it at that but there was a gnawing feeling that how many of my readers feel the same way. So to make things clear I thought I’ll do a post as to why I started to take this journey.

  • First and foremost to get back to this much ignored space.
  • 2ndly, I knew if I took up a challenge I couldn’t quit. My ego would make me write every single day no matter what.
  • I also wanted to document the little things that I miss in the rush of daily routine.
  • I wanted to crib less and count my blessings more.
  • And most importantly, I know I have a lot to be happy for. It’s just that in the course of daily grime, I fail to notice that. 
  • I also started this journey at a time when contrary to what one might thing but I wasn’t in the best phase of my life. So I wanted to put in an earnest effort to make myself happy. And when nothing seemed to go my way, I still knew there were lots of things that I was taking for granted. I just wanted to steer my vision to the things that I felt were a given. I wanted to highlight those points to me and not anyone else.
  • And of course I had been reading that this is a good exercise to relieve stress.
  • And last but not the least, 100 days of straight blogging was something in my bucket list. And I thought by doing Happy Days, it gave me an added boon.

So while I’m fully aware that  I don’t owe anyone any explanation, I decided to give them anyway. Having said all this I must also add that doing it has definitely helped. And I must also confess, I did underestimate the struggle that I’d be having. I thought that it’s very easy to point out one happy incident in daily life. But the tables turned very quickly and while some days I was genuinely happy and in no time a post was ready, there were days when everything looked bleak and I had a hard time thinking happy thoughts. But those were the days for which I had taken up the challenge and I must admit that no matter how hard it was I was able to come up with a post. 

And once again, I came to the conclusion that happiness is a state of mind and to a certain extent you can control it. Especially if it’s just regular stress that you are dealing with. I’m in no means an expert, but just shared what worked for me. And while my life seems to be perfect to some, like everyone else I have my own share of problems but I wouldn’t trade my life with anyone else. My blessings by far outweigh my troubles any day. 

Rambles Again – Day 95

95th day and I’m struggling so hard. I cannot believe I’ve come so close and I almost missed today’s post. 5 more days till the finish line and yet it looks so far. But hopefully I’ll pull through. Hopefully!!

Today was a super-duper busy day for me. With being away the weekend, I had to do a lot today. After grocery shopping and putting away stuff  and other mundane necessary jobs, I was able to take a much needed nap. Hubby was working from home and so he offered to pick up Daughter to give me an extra half hour of solid nap time. That was enough to make me happy. I felt so much better after the undisturbed nap.

 I made a super healthy and wholesome dinner in the evening while Daughter finished her homework and hubby went out for a run. The weather was really good even though I didn’t get a chance to sit out and enjoy. Now we are done with dinner and kitchen cleaning is checked. Daughter is in bed and hubby is finishing some pending work in his office. Hopefully I’ll catch up some tv time before I call it a day. So gnite folks !! Talk to you tomorrow….