Just another day – Day 17

This year blogathon has been tough… I mean every day I feel I won’t survive. It’s a miracle that I’m still here.

Today I did a lot of here n there kind of things. No not outside work but you know those that need to be done but never gets your attention. With just the Daughter and me home, the evenings get awfully long and boring. She gets a lot of homework and doesn’t really get time for much else. So I tackled some of those.

As I type I can hear my egg curry simmering away on the cooktop. The house smells delicious and my tummy rumbles to add to the music. The thought of eating rice n curry makes my heart so happy. The heart is even more happy because the hubby gets back tomorrow. So on that note I bid you goodbye!!



9 Years – Day 16

It’s been 9 long years !! People have said to me numerous times, ‘wow almost a decade … can’t believe it’s been such a long time’ !! But to me the memories still feel like yesterday… still I can’t believe I talked to you in the morning without an inkling that my whole world is going to change by the evening.

I won’t deny that with time the pain has gotten better. But I can honestly say till today not a day has gone by when I’ve not thought about you. I’m still not ready to see videos with you in it… I have tried but failed miserably. Every big thing that has happened to us since then has seen me sometimes voicing or sometimes saying silently, ‘I wish you were here to see this’!!

My biggest regret is you didn’t get to see Daughter grow up even a little bit. Strangely she also feels sad and often asks me to repeat the few stories that I have of both of you in those short 14 months after she was born.

As I light my candle today, all I want for you is peace wherever you are.


Blessed ❤️ – Day 15

The hubby generally leaves home between 640-645am to catch his 7 o clock bus in the mornings. From our area there are only 3 buses to go to New York City in the morning. And with the station about 40 minutes away, the bus is his best option. He his a person who loves his morning sleep !! Now, he generally goes to office 2-3 days every week. So on these days he’s really pressed for time. Every morning is like a mad rush for him. Yesterday night I had warned him that the car would be covered in frost, so he’ll have to scrape that first to get going. So he got up early and was out of the door about 5 minutes early. The cars weren’t a pretty sight. And I was afraid he’d have to drive to the station if he missed the bus.

Today daughter had morning orchestra which meant I had to drop her early to school. So soon after he went, I woke her up and got dressed. I knew I had to scrape off my car as well if I had any hope of dropping her on time. So I quickly gave her breakfast and went out to scrape off my car. It was a little before 7 and the sun wasn’t out.

To my surprise I saw my car all scraped and ready. I knew he got up extra early today just so that I didn’t have to stand in the cold and scrape at the risk of missing his bus.

This guy I tell you isn’t a man of many words. He doesn’t tell me ‘love you’ as much as I would want him to. But his silent gestures say a lot. Later when I told him, he dismissed it as he had some extra time. No big deal !! Typical him ❤️


Miserable Monday – Day 14

Today I woke up with a severe migraine. But I trudged along with my mommy duties and sent my Daughter to school. Drank lots of water, a cup of coffee but nothing seemed to work. Hubby was working from home and on seeing my face told me I should go take rest. He’s traveling this week and wanted to see me on my feet quickly.

So I listened to him and slept. Got up later to reheat some leftovers and we had lunch. Afternoon I wasn’t able to sleep anymore but the headache was still raging strong. So just took a long head bath and rested some more.

Daughter should be back in another half an hour and I need to do somethings before that. She has voice class soon after, so I need to at least get the some basic chores done. My home looks like a mess. Moreover because we were almost in and out the weekend everything seems to be screaming for attention. But I guess today I need to prioritize and deal with things.

I get super anxious if I’m not well when hubby is traveling and I also don’t want him to unnecessarily worry about home either when he’s away. So hopefully tomorrow I’ll wake up fresh after another good sleep and some medicine 🤞


Nothing Really – Day 13

It’s past 10:30 at night and we just returned from dinner at a friend’s place. Lots of yummy food we gorged on with nonstop chatter and laughter.

This weekend was super busy with Daughter’s back to back rehearsals, Saturday night birthday party and Sunday dinner. The next few weekends look crazy as well. But at least the next weekend is going to be a long one … so hopefully it’ll be good. And if we’re blessed with some inches of snow over the weekend, things might be a little slow… so for once I’m keeping my fingers crossed for snow ❄️ ☃️.

I hope you guys had a good weekend and ready to start the week fresh !! Talk to you tomorrow… Gnite 😴


Saturday – Day 12

Remember last weekend I was talking about Saturday being a totally free day for us??!! Guess what, everything changed after a few hours of typing that post… life I say !!

I got a text from Daughter’s piano teacher that she got a new day job and that kind of threw all her schedules off. And after going back and forth we decided the only time that’s working for both of us is Saturday mornings!! So there you have it … the plans for Saturday mornings got made for us.

I still tried to be cheerful and thought it’s just one class in the morning and since she comes home to teach, it’ll be a good excuse to get up early and get things done in the morning. After that we had the whole day to sit back!!But do my plans ever work 😩

Later in the week I got a message from another activity group. She’s participating in a Bengali cultural program for the upcoming Saraswati puja. Generally for this event they practice for 2-3 hours on Sundays but with the date getting closer they’ve decided to practice on Saturdays as well for another 2-3 hours in the afternoon. But the only good thing is this’ll be over by the second week of February. Till then farewell to my Saturday afternoons.

Hope you guys are having a relaxing weekend!!


Happiness is …. – Day 10

Happiness is knowing Friday is just a few hours away….

Happiness is hearing the hubby cleared his certification exam….

Happiness is making everyone’s favorite food…..

Happiness is getting the threading done and looking like myself again….

Happiness is seeing the Daughter becoming responsible….

Happiness is having a heart to heart conversations with the Daughter who isn’t little anymore …

Happiness is getting the grocery shopping done and not leaving it for the weekend….

Happiness is a hot cup of masala tea in the cold….

Happiness is trying to brave my fears !!


Still Trying the ropes of Adulthood – Day 9

OMG !! This happens to me all the time. But funnily, I came across this on a day I desperately needed the adult in our home aka the hubby 😜!!

It was the last week of March of last year and the hubby had already moved while we were still at our old place. We were blessed with 2+ feet of snow that day and I was the one who had the dreaded task of shoveling all that snow from our very long driveway. In the few months that we lived apart, that was the day I needed him more than anything. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at my sorry state while the Daughter had a super good time laughing at me 😃😃!!


Panic !!! – Day 8

I have this habit of panicking at the slightest things. I always assume the worst. My heart races and my mind conjures up pictures of the worst possible scenarios. I try to calm down and breathe and more often than not lecture myself for being silly. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t!!

For now my world is pretty small. These panic stricken situations arise mainly with my mum and the hubby. As for my Daughter, right now I’m always aware of where she is. But with her growing up so fast, I shudder to think what’ll happen in a few years time.

Couple of weeks back, on the last day of school before the winter break hubby and I went out for some important work. Daughter had an early dismissal and we had planned our work accordingly. One thing led to another, combine it with holiday traffic and road construction we knew we would probably be a few minutes late. To make matters worse, Daughter had no idea we were going to go out. Anyway, I told the hubby according to my calculations we would reach just in time or just as the bus pulls up. My earlier experience proved, buses are never on time on the early dismissal days. So I was kind of ok. And more importantly, the traffic was really bad with people driving like maniacs and I didn’t want the hubby to add to that. So I held my nerves praying the bus is extra late.

We were around 5 minutes away from home when my phone buzzed. I saw an unknown number and my heart almost stopped. The moment I picked up my phone, I heard my Daughter’s shaky voice, “mommy, are you alright?? Is everything ok ?? “!!

I assured her we were fine and are 5 minutes away from home. As luck would have it the bus came in about 10 minutes before time. She told us, she went to a neighbor friend’s house to call. We reached and the moment she saw us burst into tears.

She had been brave till she saw us. It seems she rang the bell, knocked and when no one opened the door got worried. This had never happened before. She saw my car in the parking lot and only my hubby’s car missing. So to her that meant mommy is home and daddy is at work. She got super worried thinking I’m sick or worse, in danger. Talk about a child’s imagination. But I applaud her for going to a house where she knew the people and not just any random house. She handled herself so well and for a 10 year old was really composed. Even our neighbor was full of praises.

The hubby and I were super proud of her even though we felt horrible that she had had to go through the misery because of us. Not only did we feel very guilty but later when we heard of all the things she imagined in those few minutes, the hubby looked at me and said, “ the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, does it??” !!