An Early Commitment

Today I was having a particularly low kind of a day. With the weather all gloomy and the endless pitter-patter of the rains, my mind decided to go places where I didn’t want it to go. That’s when I came to this abandoned place to brush off the cobwebs and tidy up the space in preparation of January. Pretty adamant that I’m not participating in Blogathon 2023 but just to check if the space still welcomes me like before.

In no time I was sucked into reading my Blogathon posts from almost 5 years back. And I remembered so many little details of that time. Memories flooded back of my little girl who’s not so little anymore. Life has changed so much since then. Both in my real world and also in this virtual world. As I read the comment section nostalgia hit me.

While so many of us cherish this tradition and continue to join in this yearly reunion there are so many who are MIA! Lost in this journey of life. I often wonder about some whose lives I became invested in. A lot of them have stopped blogging since then. I remembered so much about that time and it made me feel so warm and fuzzy on an otherwise cold damp winter day.

I don’t know whether it’s premature to commit but I think I want to continue with our tradition and do the Blogathon, 2023. Not because I have a lot to write but because I love the hustle that comes in the blogosphere in the month of January. I love the banter and reading the updates in each of your lives. I love sharing my world with you even if it’s only for a month. I love telling you that I’m having a bad day knowing so many will send me virtual hugs and tell me tomorrow will be better. I love hearing what your little ones are up to and how each of you are doing.

As for myself, today I realized how much memories are hidden even in an untitled post. While our anniversaries, bdays and other milestones are captured through our camera lenses but it’s the slices of our randomness and daily lives holding endless precious memories that go unnoticed and thereby undocumented.

So in my penchant to document life’s big n small moments I’ve decided to hop on this yearly ride. I know I might curse myself tomorrow or probably in the next hour but I still want to jump in. Tell me, anyone else plan on committing to January just when December got started 😜😜??!!


Another Blogathon ✅- Day 31

And finally we’re done! Wow this time I felt the month would just not end. It was by far one of the most difficult blogathons for me. When I initially started I had a list of topics I wanted to cover but sadly I didn’t get to talk about half of them. I ended up doing way more cheat posts then any other year.

Anyway like every other year it felt good to participate with everyone. But sadly the number of people participating is dwindling every year and this year it felt only a handful remaining. Nevertheless a big applause for those of us who did it. It was good reading all of you. Thank you to all who took time in reading and commenting/liking my posts. Thanks to Seema for hosting and Ani for spreading the word.

Like the past two years I’ve only come back to this space during blogathon and have happily forgotten the rest of the year, this year too I don’t know whether I’ll be back or not. But till then take care and stay safe! Hope 2022 treats all of you with kindness and peace! ❤️❤️


Good night- Day 30

I almost missed posting today. We just returned from a friend’s place few minutes back. And I’m so tired. But coming so close I don’t want to miss posting. And honestly I don’t even feel like looking for pics or something as filler.

So I’ll just let it be and say good night 💤. See you tomorrow!!


Snowy Saturday- Day 29

Ready to play

I’m so glad it was a Saturday without any plans today. We woke up with the picture perfect winter wonderland. Sipped a leisurely cup of coffee. Daughter had her morning class today so she did that online while hubby and I talked to family and did video calling. Back in India everyone loves to see the snow. And we had a lot to show them today.

Then I trotted off to kitchen to make lunch while hubby shoveled. It took him almost one and half hour to finish the job. Then we had a bowl of mixed noodles. After lunch we all took a long nap.

Evening daughter and I hung out and rewatched a Gilmore Girls episode. Then she went to do her work while I made dinner. I made a one pot red casserole dish which the family loves. Buster is also super tired today as he played in the snow for a long time. The wind seems to have picked up and I feel bad that hubby has to walk him one last time in this cold.

Today was a nice relaxing day and the snow couldn’t have come on a better bday for us. It was full of family time and good food. Not healthy but very yummy.

That’s it for today. Talk to you tomorrow!!


PJ Party – Day 28

Yes today evening is all about PJ party. Today was daughter’s end of marking period. She has been constantly working and super stressed this last two weeks and I’ve been promising her to this day. A day once she’s back from school she can do pretty much whatever.

We had also talked about having a pj party. Initially we had plans to go to the mall but with the impending storm, we decided against it. So instead after she got home we went to kohl’s for a bit. I had an Amazon return to drop there and the girl did some shopping. Teenagers and shopping… ufff … that’s a separate topic.

I’m also super happy since all her grades are in and to me they’re just perfect. She and the hubby did waste a few minutes lamenting about a few points here and there but soon I shut them up. So I let her indulge today. Then she had asked to have gyro for dinner and that’s what we picked up on our way back.

Now we are all home, cooped under a blanket with the fire on waiting for the storm. Hubby is making a drink for us. We have the music playlist ready. Now let the fun begin.

Stay warm and safe all of you who are in the storm’s path. Talk to you tomorrow!!


Meal Planning- Day 27

Meal planning is something that isn’t for me. I’ve tried so many times but each time I fail. For me meal planning only works when I have guests staying overnight and more. I honestly don’t know why meal planning doesn’t work for me since I’m a planner. I like to plan things and work accordingly. I’m generally not a very go with the flow kind of person.

But when it comes to meal planning, I suck! Don’t get me wrong most Saturdays, you’ll find me planning our next weeks meal. Of course I only plan lunch and dinner. But nevertheless I open my phone and go to the notes app, make a grid and write down the menu for the week. Accordingly Sunday I do the grocery so that I’m prepared.

But I’ll have to admit here that when it comes to the actual execution I fail. I’m so bad that the first meal in the list which is Monday lunch is also hardly cooked following the list. Generally I’ll make all the veggies that I buy but in a different order. I can never follow the freaking list. At this point I don’t even know why I bother. Tell me does meal planning work for you guys??


Thinking on a Keyboard- Day 25

After a long time the house is so quiet at this time of the night. I pretty much had the house to myself after a long time. At this moment, we are long done with dinner and daughter is upstairs studying. Buster duties are done for the night. And trust me it’s a cold night to be walking even if it’s a short 10 minute walk. Hubby is out today having a guy’s night out with his friends after a very long time.

I’m so glad that things are slowly getting back to normalcy at our neck of the woods. The kids are back at school. All after school activities are once again back on track. Once again we are meeting friends and arranging kids hang outs. Albeit we are still masked for a lot of it but I guess that’s our new normal.

During dinner daughter and I were discussing our initial quarantine days. It was so new to be cooped at home. We would joke how it almost seemed like a monster was raging outside our doors and we needed to be inside no matter what. The initial days were scary as we didn’t have any idea how to deal with this kind of a situation but slowly we fell in a pattern. We started getting used to having all the meals together. We started spending so much quality time together. It almost seemed like an extended weekend.

Remember how everyone said it was nature telling us to slow down, etc, etc…. But with things getting back to normal I really don’t think we learned much. It’s back to the grind for most of us and once again we seem to be running like headless chickens trying to make up for lost time or checking few more boxes before another virus/variant puts us on house arrest again.


Blessings- Day 24

Instead of focusing on what’s going wrong in my life, for a change I thought let me acknowledge my blessings. And I know amidst all the chaos and tears there’s a lot to be thankful for as well.

#1 Hubby- I don’t know what I’d do without him. He constantly encourages me and at times puts me at my place. He knows when to hug me and tell me it’s alright and when to shut me up by saying I need to get a grip. He knows how to make my mum happy and give her reassurance. He is the magic potion of my life.

#2 Daughter- She’s my sunshine. My reason for everything. She keeps me going. Sometimes she acts way beyond her years. She knows I’ve been super stressed these last couple of months and so many times I’ve heard lectures about how my not eating or being depressed isn’t helping anyone. Of course she being the queen of sarcasm has weird ways or sometimes downright irritating ways of conveying such stuff. But later when I think about it, they definitely make me smile.

#3 My mum- I’m just blessed. What can I say without being emotional. With everything going, she still tells me every single day that I shouldn’t be feeling guilty for not being there. She tells me she knows if I could I would be there with her. She tells me just because I’m upset I don’t have the right to snap at hubby and daughter. And above all she reminds me every day no matter what I do daughter is still her favorite.

#4 Doctor SJ – He’s giving a glimmer of hope. He tells us that he’s in control and has a plan. He tells us to follow his plan then things will improve. Above all, he has given us the confidence to believe that everything will be better from here on.

#4 Some family- All those who have supported my mum in these trying times. Those who have been there for her every appointment and for anything she needed. Those who have given me reassurance that they are there.

For now these have been my biggest blessings. I’m sure there are many more but for today I’ll just count them and thank the universe 🙏🏽🙏🏽

# Blogathon2022

Just some thoughts- Day 23

Stiff neck, throbbing headache is what I’m dealing with since morning. It’s probably due to all the stress that’s currently what my life is all about. My mind refuses to cooperate and I’m at a loss on what to write. So I’ll just write whatever I’m thinking and hope that it makes sense.

On top of everything that’s going on it’s daughter’s last week of 2nd marking period. And the poor girl is swamped with work. She has tests lined up till Thursday and getting super stressed about it.

We also have a friend coming over for couple of days this week. He’ll be in town on business and has decided to stay at our place. Not the perfect week but I guess it’ll be fine.

Today my mum is going to another specialist and I’m just hoping he has a better insight to what’s going on. I have my fingers crossed and I’m praying that we hear some positive news.

Anyway that’s it for now. Hopefully I’ll come back tomorrow in a better frame of mind 🙏🏽🙏🏽