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Lazy Sunday


Some Sundays are so busy. Some are just lazy. On some you get so much done, on others you do nothing. Today its my turn on being lazy, getting absolutely nothing done. I only wish I had that hammock by the sea. I would just laze on it reading a book hearing the sounds of the sea, feeling the cool breeze on my salty skin. And a nice refreshing drink to sip in between would just make it perfect.

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Me and my Blogging

Me and my blogging……the lesser said the better it is at this time. Its been a few years I have been reading blogs and I was a silent reader or a lurker as you may choose to call me, but never in my dreams did I think I would start blogging. You know a person like me who doesn’t feel comfortable commenting on other blogger’s posts, how on earth do I make my thoughts public. Then suddenly something changed and I wanted to share some parts of my life with the virtual world. So I created this space and I made it sit empty for a while. I thought I would write some posts and then make it public. But as soon as I wrote my first post impulsive person that I am, made it public.I have absolutely no complaints because you guys commented and welcomed me in the space. I was ecstatic.

But things have been a little crazy the last week and even though I wanted to get in here and write but everything conspired against me and got in the way. But today I knew I had to do something before the handful of readers that I have got think that I have abandoned the blog and abandon me. Hey guys please don’t do that, I’m still here. But you already know that as I have been reading and commenting on your posts.

Anyway just after I write here that we don’t have any social life, I met an Indian lady at Daughter’s swimming class. Her daughter and mine are of the same age group. So last weekend we had them at our place for dinner. The two girls played and talked about Dora and Princesses while the adults got to know each other. They seem to be somebody we could easily relate to.They also have a little 8 month old and after a while my Daughter got more interested in the little one. I can’t keep her away from babies these days. All she wanted to do was help the new aunty take care of the baby. But all in all it was good fun. Hope to have many more evenings like this.

Saturday, Daughter also had her best friend’s birthday party. She was pretty excited, so much so that she wanted to leave at 12:00 pm for a party which was supposed to begin at 4 in the evening. It was a new kind of party concept and I actually quite liked it. Basically it was a Candy Shop where each kid got to make a box full of their favorite kind of chocolate and also decorate it. The kids looked adorable in little aprons. It was a lot of fun and very well organized with so little stress and mess. So lets see we might end up having Daughter’s 5th birthday party there as well, if she so chooses but we still have a few months before that. Don’t want to get her too excited about it right now.

Anyway these are the little updates that I wanted to share with you guys. Hope to be more regular here.

First Gymnastic Class

Few months back Daughter came back from school  announcing that she wanted to do gymnastics. Initially we didn’t pay too much attention to it but later decided to give it a try. So we had enrolled her to our local YMCA for the preschool gym classes . But as luck would have it that season got cancelled as there were no other kids in her slot. The only other slot that was open for her age group unfortunately coincided with her swimming classes. So we had to wait for the summer classes to begin hoping her interest would not fade within a few weeks.

Few weeks back it was once again registration time and luckily this time all went good. She was still very excited albeit a little apprehensive that she might not know how to do  somersaults like some of her friends. I put her little mind at ease saying its absolutely ok for her to not know and soon she would learn to do it just like the other kids. Thankfully she always finds comfort in what I say.

Yesterday was Daughter’s first gymnastic class. It was nice to watch the little kids follow the teacher. It was a proud moment for me because I knew Daughter was a little scared of certain things but she was being brave and giving it her 100%.  Sometimes I am amazed at how quickly the little ones overcome their fears and gain confidence. Most of all she was enjoying what she was doing  and at the end of the class told me she cant wait to go back next week. What more can I ask for.

Now she also has her heart in ballet classes. I don’t want to put her in too many activities and crowd her plate. But looking at her twirling and swirling and copying Angelina Ballerina, my heart is not so sure. Have you guys faced such a dilemma ?

Something About Today

What is it about Monday mornings that almost always makes me grumpy, I ask myself. Yesterday I went to bed feeling no different then any other Sundays. Especially knowing I had to tackle the big laundry basket which was sitting with almost like a devilish grin. That is one job I so abhor from the core of  my heart. And more so if I need to do it, first thing  on a lousy rainy Monday  morning.

Today promised to be no different. A busy day with all the household chores lined up for me to take care. Daughter and hubby left for school and office . I stood at the patio waving almost waiting for the gloominess to set in. It didn’t . I hurried to the basement with my laundry hamper. Then made my cup of tea. I looked at the cloudy grey sky yet felt strangely chirpy. There seemed an extra sprIng to my otherwise lazy steps. There was something about today that was different.

It is 11:30 am now and am proud to say most of  my work is done. I still have a smile on my face. The rains, the dark clouds that are threatening to bring more rains cannot wipe that almost silly smile. Today I don’t stare blankly at the road thinking I wish I had  a group of friends in this place where there is almost a non existent Indian community, to cheer me up. I think I have found my friend? Can you guess who it is ? Yes it is you my blog. It feels so nice to be able pour my heart and share any random thoughts without the fear of being judged.

Its been 4 years since we have moved to this south western suburb of Pennsylvania . I have always been fortunate to stay at places where there were plenty of Indians but not here. Just because I am an introvertish  person, I’am still sane. Occasionally I crave company but generally Iam ok with our lack of social life. But I guess everybody has their limits and these days I felt I was close to reaching mine.

But today I guess I found something to keep me going. A place where I can keep coming, to enjoy some company. A place that will give a voice to my otherwise silent thoughts. Hopefully I can continue this journey. My only regret that I didn’t start this sooner but I guess as they say ‘Better late than never’.

An Important Life Lesson

We don’t appreciate the things that we take for granted. In my case it has been my skin . I never had to really care about what I was putting on  it until a few weeks back  when we took a beach vacation. It was an ideal weekend to go to the beach weather wise things could not be better. I had my bags packed with all the things  that was necessary and in it I dumped 2 tubes of  sunscreen. It was one of the markets top brands and something that I had been using for quite a while.

      The day of the travel arrived. We were excited to leave early. The day was cool and cloudy. It was an 8 hour journey by car and we love our road trips. Isn’t there something so exciting about packing your car and leaving. Especially for a person like me who can’t travel light I just love my road trips. Thankfully my 4.5 year old daughter is not a too fussy traveler. It was the Memorial Day weekend here in the US and we knew the roads would be busy. But nobody could dampen our excitement by telling us that our 8 hour journey would actually stretch to 10 hours. We reached our hotel and checked in to our room. It was a direct oceanfront room and that night  being a full moon, the sight was mesmerizing  to say the least. It was a beautiful night almost magical. Little did I know that all my excitement and happiness would be so short lived.

     The next morning dawned bright and sunny. After a quick breakfast we went to the beach. Just like anybody else I applied a generous amount of sunscreen to protect my face and arms. The biggest irony was the thing that promised to protect my skin gave me a major burn. In no time my arms started to itch and my face had the most horrible burning sensation. In my ignorance I thought it was a reaction to the sun so I splashed myself with some more sunscreen. In a couple of hours my face was a sight. It seemed the whole skin on my face was peeling. The first time I looked at my face believe me I wanted to run back home and hide my face forever.

      From then on the trip was ruined for me because we had to cancel our daytrips .If it was just me and my hubby, I think we would have cancelled the remaining trip. But looking at my  daughter’s happy face  we didn’t have the heart to do it. Especially when she kept telling me things like ‘You still look pretty mommy……I love you…..Don’t worry you will get better’. Never in my life did I need those words more than those few days.

       Anyway now I’m better . My face is clear, the peeling has stopped. But I have learnt an important lesson. It is so easy to ignore or take things for granted. We only realize the importance when we think we are loosing it. From this very small incident I think I have got my priorities straight. And I have also realized the unconditional love a child has towards his/her parents. Even though my trip did not go as planned but somehow ultimately everything made it worth it.

Why I’m Here ….

Came across blogs a few years back  when searching on some parental issues . My search resulted some of the mommyblogs  and from that day I was hooked. There was no looking back since then. They became my invisible friends with whom I could relate  and often  turn to for help regarding mommy issues. Little did I know that soon I would be following their footsteps.

Now I’m here to chronicle my life’s journey ,some special moments and some-not- so-good moments. This space will have a little bit of everything from my day to day life. So you readers are welcome to have a sneak peek at my life and thoughts. Your comments are always appreciated.