An Important Life Lesson

We don’t appreciate the things that we take for granted. In my case it has been my skin . I never had to really care about what I was putting on  it until a few weeks back  when we took a beach vacation. It was an ideal weekend to go to the beach weather wise things could not be better. I had my bags packed with all the things  that was necessary and in it I dumped 2 tubes of  sunscreen. It was one of the markets top brands and something that I had been using for quite a while.

      The day of the travel arrived. We were excited to leave early. The day was cool and cloudy. It was an 8 hour journey by car and we love our road trips. Isn’t there something so exciting about packing your car and leaving. Especially for a person like me who can’t travel light I just love my road trips. Thankfully my 4.5 year old daughter is not a too fussy traveler. It was the Memorial Day weekend here in the US and we knew the roads would be busy. But nobody could dampen our excitement by telling us that our 8 hour journey would actually stretch to 10 hours. We reached our hotel and checked in to our room. It was a direct oceanfront room and that night  being a full moon, the sight was mesmerizing  to say the least. It was a beautiful night almost magical. Little did I know that all my excitement and happiness would be so short lived.

     The next morning dawned bright and sunny. After a quick breakfast we went to the beach. Just like anybody else I applied a generous amount of sunscreen to protect my face and arms. The biggest irony was the thing that promised to protect my skin gave me a major burn. In no time my arms started to itch and my face had the most horrible burning sensation. In my ignorance I thought it was a reaction to the sun so I splashed myself with some more sunscreen. In a couple of hours my face was a sight. It seemed the whole skin on my face was peeling. The first time I looked at my face believe me I wanted to run back home and hide my face forever.

      From then on the trip was ruined for me because we had to cancel our daytrips .If it was just me and my hubby, I think we would have cancelled the remaining trip. But looking at my  daughter’s happy face  we didn’t have the heart to do it. Especially when she kept telling me things like ‘You still look pretty mommy……I love you…..Don’t worry you will get better’. Never in my life did I need those words more than those few days.

       Anyway now I’m better . My face is clear, the peeling has stopped. But I have learnt an important lesson. It is so easy to ignore or take things for granted. We only realize the importance when we think we are loosing it. From this very small incident I think I have got my priorities straight. And I have also realized the unconditional love a child has towards his/her parents. Even though my trip did not go as planned but somehow ultimately everything made it worth it.


2 thoughts on “An Important Life Lesson

  1. You must have developed an allergic reaction to sunscreen. I have the same problem. My skin becomes hideous when I apply sunscreen. Always use Aloe vera gel to heal your skin.

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