Something About Today

What is it about Monday mornings that almost always makes me grumpy, I ask myself. Yesterday I went to bed feeling no different then any other Sundays. Especially knowing I had to tackle the big laundry basket which was sitting with almost like a devilish grin. That is one job I so abhor from the core of  my heart. And more so if I need to do it, first thing  on a lousy rainy Monday  morning.

Today promised to be no different. A busy day with all the household chores lined up for me to take care. Daughter and hubby left for school and office . I stood at the patio waving almost waiting for the gloominess to set in. It didn’t . I hurried to the basement with my laundry hamper. Then made my cup of tea. I looked at the cloudy grey sky yet felt strangely chirpy. There seemed an extra sprIng to my otherwise lazy steps. There was something about today that was different.

It is 11:30 am now and am proud to say most of  my work is done. I still have a smile on my face. The rains, the dark clouds that are threatening to bring more rains cannot wipe that almost silly smile. Today I don’t stare blankly at the road thinking I wish I had  a group of friends in this place where there is almost a non existent Indian community, to cheer me up. I think I have found my friend? Can you guess who it is ? Yes it is you my blog. It feels so nice to be able pour my heart and share any random thoughts without the fear of being judged.

Its been 4 years since we have moved to this south western suburb of Pennsylvania . I have always been fortunate to stay at places where there were plenty of Indians but not here. Just because I am an introvertish  person, I’am still sane. Occasionally I crave company but generally Iam ok with our lack of social life. But I guess everybody has their limits and these days I felt I was close to reaching mine.

But today I guess I found something to keep me going. A place where I can keep coming, to enjoy some company. A place that will give a voice to my otherwise silent thoughts. Hopefully I can continue this journey. My only regret that I didn’t start this sooner but I guess as they say ‘Better late than never’.


8 thoughts on “Something About Today

  1. I am glad to hear you turned your Monday to a happy and chirpy one. I love my metime may be because I don’t get a lot of such days.

    I am so used to live in non desi community, not that I don’t love them. But always ended up in non desi because of our preference over condos or town homes vs apartments. The current place we live has lot of desis but strangely they don’t talk. I can’t blame them , this could be because of my introvert nature too..

  2. Hie.. so good to meet you here new friend, will keep visiting you here so that you don’t feel lonely 🙂

    We live in the area where there are lot of Indians around and now that we will be moving to our new house, where there is almost no Indian community I am so worried. Even though in this area we don’t talk to them but just having them around is a good feeling.

    Hope your Tuesday was even better 🙂

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