First Gymnastic Class

Few months back Daughter came back from school  announcing that she wanted to do gymnastics. Initially we didn’t pay too much attention to it but later decided to give it a try. So we had enrolled her to our local YMCA for the preschool gym classes . But as luck would have it that season got cancelled as there were no other kids in her slot. The only other slot that was open for her age group unfortunately coincided with her swimming classes. So we had to wait for the summer classes to begin hoping her interest would not fade within a few weeks.

Few weeks back it was once again registration time and luckily this time all went good. She was still very excited albeit a little apprehensive that she might not know how to do  somersaults like some of her friends. I put her little mind at ease saying its absolutely ok for her to not know and soon she would learn to do it just like the other kids. Thankfully she always finds comfort in what I say.

Yesterday was Daughter’s first gymnastic class. It was nice to watch the little kids follow the teacher. It was a proud moment for me because I knew Daughter was a little scared of certain things but she was being brave and giving it her 100%.  Sometimes I am amazed at how quickly the little ones overcome their fears and gain confidence. Most of all she was enjoying what she was doing  and at the end of the class told me she cant wait to go back next week. What more can I ask for.

Now she also has her heart in ballet classes. I don’t want to put her in too many activities and crowd her plate. But looking at her twirling and swirling and copying Angelina Ballerina, my heart is not so sure. Have you guys faced such a dilemma ?


2 thoughts on “First Gymnastic Class

  1. Chucky is exactly like this, she comes and tell us what she wants, we wait for few weeks months to see if she is really interested, if yes we go for it.

    Kids at this age are very open and enthusiastic, if you feel you have time go for it. Kids do amazing things.

    When we started Piano class for Chucky I was in same dilemma , but now looking at her progress I am amazed. She wants to go for gymnastic too, I took her couple of times and she did great, I have blogged about it too. But right now we don’t have enough time to take her, it’s Friday evening . Do for now I have parked aside..

    How old is your daughter ? What’s her name?

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