Me and my Blogging

Me and my blogging……the lesser said the better it is at this time. Its been a few years I have been reading blogs and I was a silent reader or a lurker as you may choose to call me, but never in my dreams did I think I would start blogging. You know a person like me who doesn’t feel comfortable commenting on other blogger’s posts, how on earth do I make my thoughts public. Then suddenly something changed and I wanted to share some parts of my life with the virtual world. So I created this space and I made it sit empty for a while. I thought I would write some posts and then make it public. But as soon as I wrote my first post impulsive person that I am, made it public.I have absolutely no complaints because you guys commented and welcomed me in the space. I was ecstatic.

But things have been a little crazy the last week and even though I wanted to get in here and write but everything conspired against me and got in the way. But today I knew I had to do something before the handful of readers that I have got think that I have abandoned the blog and abandon me. Hey guys please don’t do that, I’m still here. But you already know that as I have been reading and commenting on your posts.

Anyway just after I write here that we don’t have any social life, I met an Indian lady at Daughter’s swimming class. Her daughter and mine are of the same age group. So last weekend we had them at our place for dinner. The two girls played and talked about Dora and Princesses while the adults got to know each other. They seem to be somebody we could easily relate to.They also have a little 8 month old and after a while my Daughter got more interested in the little one. I can’t keep her away from babies these days. All she wanted to do was help the new aunty take care of the baby. But all in all it was good fun. Hope to have many more evenings like this.

Saturday, Daughter also had her best friend’s birthday party. She was pretty excited, so much so that she wanted to leave at 12:00 pm for a party which was supposed to begin at 4 in the evening. It was a new kind of party concept and I actually quite liked it. Basically it was a Candy Shop where each kid got to make a box full of their favorite kind of chocolate and also decorate it. The kids looked adorable in little aprons. It was a lot of fun and very well organized with so little stress and mess. So lets see we might end up having Daughter’s 5th birthday party there as well, if she so chooses but we still have a few months before that. Don’t want to get her too excited about it right now.

Anyway these are the little updates that I wanted to share with you guys. Hope to be more regular here.


3 thoughts on “Me and my Blogging

  1. Good to see this post of yours 🙂 Glad your daughter found a new friend and some nice time with her 🙂

    This concept of bday party has started coming up here in B’lore as well. A simple cooking theme it is here. I am sure kids would love it 🙂

    1. These days planning B’Day party is so different from the time when we were young… mom only asked me how many friends I wanted and then accordingly she planned a menu ……but these days a lot of planning is required….

  2. Good to hear from you 🙂 I think kids play a crucial role making friends at this age. It’s good to meet people who are like minded. Have a great weekend..

    That birthday party looks fun 🙂

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