New Year’s Day 2014 – Day 2


New Years day this time was nothing special, not that we do really great stuff every year. But this year the day started with hubby getting a call at 5 in the morning from work and he ended up working till 3 in the afternoon. We didn’t have any major plans or commitments so no hearts were broken. But Daughter ended up asking me every few minutes “Why does daddy have to work today?” or “Is he done, Mommy?” or “Will he be working forever, today Mommy?” . But most part of the time she entertained herself and played with her Legos. You must be wondering what I was doing…..NO ?? Very mean but I’ll still tell you 🙂 . I did nothing except sit on the couch and watch my daughter play and wished my hubby didn’t have to work. Ofcourse sometimes in between I had to take care of little things here and there and also made a few calls to India wishing everyone Happy New Year.

Our lunch was the re-heated leftovers from 31st night. After which I asked Daughter to take a nap as the previous night she didn’t sleep well. She didn’t make any fuss because she herself was feeling a little tired. She had been complaining of a leg ache since the night before, so she was more than happy to take a nap. A little after 3, hubby was done for the day and he too was very tired. So he was off to bed for a power nap too. I was left with the laptop and I did a lot of reading and writing. So it was a win-win situation for all.

Daughter woke up after 4 and I made her some fresh orange juice. Can you believe, she likes the store-bought boxed juices better than the fresh home-made ones. In the evening we all had some baked tuna cutlets for snack. They were heavenly and the best part about them is they are baked so you can indulge without feeling guilty. Those are best combinations these days you know , getting hold of a recipe which can be whipped up in a jiffy and they are tasty and healthy. Daughter also likes it if we all eat the same food, it gives her the feeling of being a big girl. And of course, it’s easier for me. Everybody was in a good mood after their naps and I was feeling happy seeing everybody relaxed.

It was very cold here and suddenly hubby had the craving for hot wings from Buffalo Wild Wings. So all the healthy eating went for a toss and we bundled up and tagged along with him. It was just 7ish in the evening but the streets were so deserted that it felt like 11 at night. Most of the shops and restaurants were closed. We had already ordered for takeout so we knew we wouldn’t be disappointed with a CLOSED sign. We had ordered snack portions of Jamming Jalapeno and Asian Zing flavors. Those wings I tell you are to die for. Then we had planned to fill gas but most of the gas stations were closed. So we ended up driving some more which seemed like going in rounds. Lucky for us we found one open. Daughter had also asked for Mc Donald’s Happy Meal, so on our way back we got her a Burger meal for her. As usual she was more happy with the toy than the meal itself 😦 . We also picked up some chinese for dinner. Came back happy and relaxed from the drive and not to mention with an arm full of yummy food. Good food always gives you a high, doesn’t it ??

From then on we made sure Daughter was quickly done with her dinner as it was already past her bedtime. Then as usual we went along helping her with her daily nightly chores of brushing and taking a bodywash. In no time she was all snuggled up in bed warm and cozy with her furry friends. After she was in bed, hubby and I got to spend a little time to ourselves munching on our wings. Did I already tell you they were super tasty ? We had some quiet conversation and wished the next day was off 😦 .We were pretty much full from all that wings but decided to try a little of our chinese food. Hubby served us the food and I just sat back.

All in all it was a regular day but a happy one nonetheless. Sometimes these regular days can be so much fun when you pretty much do nothing but go to bed with a smile on your face. That’s how my first day of the year went doing regular stuff yet wasn’t a boring one. So tell me, what did you do on the 1st ??


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