Cold Winter Days – Day 3


Today is one of the coldest day I have encountered in a very long time. And if I’m to believe the weather forecast it is going to get colder, much-much colder. Yesterday night we had a lot of snow. It had started snowing since evening and by the time we went to bed the wind was howling outside and it was brutally cold out there. Thank God we didn’t need to venture out for anything. I often find myself out of milk or eggs or bread on such nights, but yesterday hubby got lucky there as I didn’t need to send him on an errand. But looking out from the comfort of my home it sure was a pretty sight. Everything was so still and calm. The snow looked undisturbed and the bare tree branches leaned heavy from all the new fallen snow. You know, like the typical cards we would get for christmas during our childhood days.

As I’m typing, I’m sipping my green tea. The warm liquid makes me feel so much better but holding the hot cup is better still 🙂 . Today even though hubby was working from home and we had not sent Daughter to school because of the winter weather but still we had to go out later in the afternoon as we had a meeting with the builders of our new home. Going there gets me so excited, you know. One of these days I need to do a whole post on our house hunting and how we landed on building our home. On the way back we did some grocery shopping and believe me just getting in and out of our car got our teeth to clatter and the cold kind of seeped through our gloves numbing our fingers until they ceased to bend, limbs frigid and frozen. The only good part of this miserable weather is my Daughter, she looks so adorable dressed up in layers and the whole winter paraphernalia consisting of mittens, cap, scarf, snow boots and jacket. She looks like a pink bundle.

Now I need to wrap up my dinner preparations and once Daughter is tucked in bed I want to relax with a glass of Godiva with a splash of Brandy. I normally don’t drink but these winter night just calls for some warmth 🙂 . Ofcourse cozying up with hubby after the drink definitely gets me cooking. So that’s my plan for tonight. See you guys, tomorrow.


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