Crazy Weekends – Day 5


Is everybody else’s weekends as crazy as some of mine are. God I think I need another weekend to relax and wash away the crazy running around. I don’t know, no matter how much we get done one weekend and think we will take it easy on the next one but as the weekend draws closer the to-do list gets growing longer. This weekend was extra busy. After all that snow, Saturday and Sunday dawned bright and beautiful. So it seemed such a shame to waste it sitting at home considering the next week is again going to be bitter cold with bone chilling temperatures.

So this weekend we got a lot of our mundane errands done. I think we did enough grocery to feed an army 🙂 . I don’t want to look at another grocery store for a while now. With that out of the way , this whole week should run pretty smoothly. Sometimes Daughter hates this crazy running from one store to the other. She especially hates the home improvement stores because in her words “They are so boring”. But with us getting ready to start on the construction phase of the house hubby and I love to go to those places as they give us so many ideas. Hubby looks like a little boy let loose in a candy store, trying to figure out the different kinds of tools, light fixtures and other such stuff. And of course me being me love to look at the granites, the appliances, the rugs and so on. And Daughter poor thing, trudges along unwillingly. But generally she is a trooper and as long as we include her in most of our discussions regarding the new home, she is game. The worst part is the stores don’t  have a decent book section for her to pick up something and read. And of course, she is not interested in reading about home and garden. Next time I’ll remember to take some books for her.

I’m so tired today from all the store hopping and the regular work that got done. Daughter just got done with her dinner  and its time for me to snuggle up with her and read a story. Even though she can read this is one ritual we still cling to. I l love to read to her at least once a day. I love to cuddle up and get in with her even if its just for a few minutes.  So that’s it for today. Hope you guys had a good weekend and a less crazy one. See you tomorrow 🙂 .


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