Day 6


Daughter had got a Bracelet Maker for Christmas from the sales agent of our home. The nice lady had told me that probably I would need to help as it is something for over 6 year olds. But believe me I doubt whether, even a 10 year old will be able to do it or not. Anyways we had promised Daughter that we would help her do it during the holiday break. But as usual we forgot about it and she really didn’t care either because she was having fun else where. Hubby and I knew it would be a tricky project so we kept it away. But as luck would have it on the last day of our holiday she remembered about it and demanded we do it. But again we gave her a lame reason and saved our lives for that particular day.

Yesterday again she made me promise that I would have to help her today after she would get back from school. I readily promised her and myself that today I would not evade doing it. After all we have made bracelet with beads before, so how difficult can this bracelet making be especially if they say a 6+ can do it. Little did I know that I was living in a bubble 🙂 .

Today after she was back from school and had freshened up we sat to do the bracelet. I read the instruction book multiple times without anything really reaching the grey cells. Banking on what little I did understand, we decided to proceed anyway. Well I knew, I had not quite understood but Daughter didn’t have to know that, did she 😉 ?? And just as I was dreading, after a few steps we were stuck !!! We didn’t know how to go further. So just like I do in all situations where I’m stuck, I told her we would wait for Daddy and do a family project. By now she has figured it out that mommy is not really the artsy-crafty type and daddy is definitely by  far the better tuned in the field of craft.

As he walked in the door she announced to him we have a special family project waiting for him. He listened to her indulgently. After a few minutes I found him on the floor with pink, purple threads strewn over trying to figure out how to make those bracelets. His brows knitted in deep concentration. Not a trace of tiredness after a long day at work. Anything to make his little princess happy. He does not shy away from any of the so called ‘girly stuff’ if he knows its going to make us happy. Be it waiting for me in front of a trial room while I try innumerable clothes to dropping me and picking me up from a salon. You name it and he has done it. He is one of the most giving person I know. Daughter and I are lucky to be the two leading girls in his life. Looking at him, I was reminded yet again that falling for this guy was undoubtedly one of the best falls ever 🙂 .


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