Muddled Thoughts – Day 7



It’s just a bad-bad day today. I don’t know, nothing seems to be going the way that I want. It’s probably the bitter cold day that’s getting to me. But if I was alone the whole day then my miserable state would still make sense but I had a full house today with both Daughter and hubby at home. The day started good but from there in it went straight down hill. I hate it when I feel so low for no concrete reason. Anyway it is a little past 8  and I can’t wait for the day to be over. I also took a nap in the afternoon in the hope I could sleep off the blues. But that doesn’t work, does it ?? I’m so ready for summer….The extended daylight hours, the green trees, the chirping of birds and the scurrying squirrels. This year I’m even more ready for summer as that’s the time our new house should be ready, fingers crossed 🙂 .

From the nomadic life style we had earlier we have come a long way. In the first year of our marriage alone we had changed homes 4 times and the country 4 times too. Considering prior to that I had lived in my home all my life, that was a big change for me. Packing and unpacking became such a huge part of our lives, we often joked about starting a moving & packing business. But somehow that life had its own excitement. During one of those setting-up-the-house  phase, hubby and I went to do the grocery shopping just after getting an apartment. We had this loooong list. You know how it is when you set up your home for the first time in a different country. I think we spent a couple of hours there and got everything done. After getting home we put away everything and started on our dinner preparations. I still remember we were having an omelette with rice and butter. As I was beating the eggs I realized we had forgotten to buy salt 😀 . Oh God, how we laughed that day and in fact till this date whenever we think/talk about it, we sure end up laughing. Life was so different and carefree then. Between just the two of us we didn’t have any responsibilities. Every day was a new adventure.

We did that for good 7 long years after which we had Daughter. We had decided even before having her that though we had enjoyed that life style but it was time to put our roots somewhere as we wanted to give her some sort of permanency. We were in India when I had her and around the time she was 7 mths we got her here and started everything fresh. And believe me we are still living in the same home since. And probably that is something which drives both hubby and me up the wall sometimes. We are not used to living in any place for this long. Yet this place strangely feels like home. And that is why we are ready to move in to our own home now. It’s nice to find a friendly face when we are in and around town. It’s nice to be recognized by a store associate or when a restaurant remembers your order. And most importantly, it is this place with which Daughter associates all her memories with.

This is one muddled post I have come up with. But you know the good thing is even though I had started writing with a depressing state of mind and really not knowing what the content would be but as I started tapping on the keyboard, my mind took me to some happy places. All the negativity is gone and I feel so much better. That is the beauty of writing, I guess.


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