My Darling Daughter – Day 8


I’m trying to write this post while Daughter is riding on her favorite horsey ( her daddy). She is laughing like crazy and that’s so infectious. I’ve been staring at them for some time now but they are oblivious, laughing away and doing some silly tricks on each other. Her laughter is music to my ears. Nothing makes me more happy than to see her laugh.

Sometimes I look at her and wonder where did all the time fly….My little birdie is growing up way too fast for my comfort. Its been a while she has been sleeping in her own room with her soft toys by her side. Letting her go was not easy and yet it was something that had to be done. Most nights I find myself making lame excuses just so that we can get her in our bed and I can snuggle with her. I sleep so much better with her in the middle. I still remember one of the best feeling after being a mommy was holding her close to my chest. I was reading somewhere that very often mom’s don’t fall in love with their babies the minute they pop out. And to a certain extent I can understand the feeling even though for me it was love at first sight. Hook line and sinker. There was no looking back.

During the first few days when many of the newbie moms would complain of sleepless nights, I remember doing a photo shoot of my little munchkin in the middle of the night with all the bedroom lights on and hubby trying to bury his head under a pillow in the hope that I would turn off the lights. We were the typical nerve wrecking parents doing oooh aaaah and aaaw even if the baby slept peacefully. We would get so excited if the little one smiled thinking she has started to recognize us 🙂 . Those were some of the best days of my life.

To be fair I must say that daughter was one of the most perfect text book child. I can count on my fingers how many nights we actually stayed up on her account. There was no throw ups after meal, no colic, no unnecessary crying. The only time she would cry was when she needed to be fed. We never had trouble giving her a bath or dressing her up. In fact she liked all the fuss that would perpetually be made over her during those times. She was a sweetheart and till date still is other than a stray fuss here or a session of whinning there. The biggest battle that we have now is her eating. She is a non-eater if there is any such word. She doesn’t like to eat.Period. You can’t entice her with anything. Cookies or candies, nothing works where she is concerned. But we are trying to keep calm. As long as she is happy, healthy,active I think we are good. There are times (more often than not) when I loose my cool and yell and force her to try/finish her food, but I’m trying. I’m trying very hard to be patient and teach her to make the right choices and not stress so much over what she eats. But one thing I really feel proud of is the way she saves a portion of cakes or any of her  favorite stuff stating she doesn’t want her tummy to hurt by overeating 🙂 .

Other than her eating we really don’t need to watch over her constantly as she is trying to do most of the stuffs by herself. She loves all things pink and purple and anything with a Disney logo. She loves to dress up and can’t wait to grow up so she can get her hands on make up. Considering I rarely use make up I am lost where her love for make up comes from. This is a child who does not give up easily and her perseverence is something she is often commended for. She loves to dance and often you’ll find  her fluttering around the home like a happy little butterfly. Her love for music is something that gets us awestruck at times. Like when she was around 3 she loved the song ‘Pal Pal Pal Pal Har Pal’ from Lage Raho MunnaBhai and believe me the first time she heard Cliff Richard’s ‘Theme for a Dream’ , her eyes popped wide and instantly she connected the two together.

That my friends, is my baby girl, the love of my life, the apple of my eye. My Darling  Daughter.


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