Sweet Surprise – Day 12


My birthday was in the month of July.  I was pretty low during those days as I had been through a bad experience just a few days before. Well this post is not about that. It is about how my two lovies pulled me up and made me happy again. So like I was saying I was down and hubby wanted to do something extra special this birthday. We were thinking of taking a vacation but this year we already had too many vacations and my b’day falling right in the middle of the week didn’t help things either. So to go somewhere we needed to take the whole week off which was not doable. He talked about buying me jewelry but knowing me he figured that would not get me happy as I am not really fond of jewelry. So he crossed it out. I knew he was trying to lift my spirit but I honestly didn’t know what I wanted. And unlike other years when I get super excited before my b’day, this year I really didn’t care.

Soon I found Daughter and him whispering when I was not in the vicinity. I tried to bribe her with cuddles and kisses but to no luck.  I knew they had a plan brewing amongst the two of them which I was not privy to. Then came the grocery shopping day and all of us went to the super market together. That’s when I figured their plan. They were planning to bake a cake and hubby was also planning on making a snack for me. I was so touched. He has cooked for me before but never a cake. I knew with his lack of practice in the kitchen these days baking would not be easy. So I offered to help them telling that their thoughtfulness had already touched me and I wouldn’t really mind helping. But they didn’t have any of it saying, they would manage just fine.

They not only managed but did great. It became one of my best B’day ever. Leaving you guys with the picture of the yummy treats made by the two love of my life.

Cupcake for the B'day girl :)
Cupcake for the B’day girl 🙂
Chicken satay made by hubby :)
Chicken satay made by hubby 🙂

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