Happiness….- Day 13



A lot of you have been writing about happiness. So here are my two cents worth, or less 🙂   Happiness is…….

Seeing sun peep through the clouds after a bout of rain.

Smelling the rain.

Hearing Daughter squeal in delight after spotting a deer or a horse on a regular trip to the grocery store.

Licking away ice-cream on a hot summer day.

When I know I have served my family a healthy meal in spite of wanting to do a takeout.

When I know I’ll be visiting my family after 3 long years in a matter of months.

Hearing Daughter laugh away when I tickle her while waking her up on a cold winter morning.

When my morning cuppa is served to me while still in bed.

Seeing the decorations up during the holiday season.

Waking up on a lazy weekend morning.

Waking up on a Monday without the blues.

Cozying up by the window with a book in my hand a mug of steaming masala chai/coffee depending upon the weather or the mood.

Going for a holiday.

Seeing someone smile after I put in a lot of effort surprise them.

Knowing that in a few minutes I will be in bed after a good day.

 And on that note I shall stop here. I hope I come back with something better tomorrow. Till then, Bye Bye, guys. Stay happy.  🙂 



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