The Months Ahead – Day 15


I’m so tired today!!! With all the cooking along with the regular existing chores has made me so tired. I thought all the prep that I did yesterday should help me today but still I procrastinated some of my work and that’s how when evening came I was stuck in the kitchen for the major part of it. Each time something like this happens I promise myself that I would stop procrastinating my work but that never happens. I can’t wait for my trip to India. 1 month of pure bliss. Good food, endless chatting, waited upon hand and foot. What more can I ask?? You know the best part is Daughter is so well looked after. I really have nothing much to do for her except probably take care of some of the basic needs. Last time we were in India, was 3 years back and she was a 2.5 year old toddler. So I kind of had to watch out for her more but this time things will be different as she is a little lady now. And she can more or less take care of herself and what little help she needs, there are enough people who are more than happy to help her. Writing about it wants me to pack my bags now.

This year is going to be a busy year. We have too many things lined up. Even though we are excited but too many things also mean that much extra work. The trip to India should happen sometime in March/April. There are so many preparations needed to be done before that. The first being booking the tickets 🙂 . The next big thing to do after the ticket issue is settled would be to pack Daughter’s clothes. That little girl has so much stuff!!! To go through her clothes I tell you is the most difficult task. Especially since all her summer clothes are packed away. And that she always wants to pack pink and purple doesn’t really help matters either. But doing those stuff is fun even if it’s a tad bit tedious. At least we will have something to look forward to. Coming back and unpacking is a different story altogether. But we don’t have to get into it right now, do we??

The next good thing in store this year is moving to our own home. I can’t tell you how excited we are for that one. You know hubby and I are such planners. We love planning. Be it a vacation, a regular party at home or Daughter’s Birthday, we love to plan. So you can very well understand the joy we feel at being a part of the whole building process. Even though we have often felt a bit overwhelmed at the amount of choices we need to make in the process but it also has its own rewards at the end of the day. We have already started to make a list of all the things we need to buy. And that list is loooong and getting longer by the day. We have already decided on Daughter’s room and the guest room. Still trying to figure out our bedroom and the rest of the house. But then, I guess we have enough time before that.

The next biggest thing for this year is Daughter starting Kindergarten in August. She is so ready for that move. Actually last year she missed the cut off date by a few months and was very upset. Here, to be eligible for kindergarten the child needs to be 5 by August 1st and her birthday being in mid-October didn’t help things. Moreover she heard her teacher telling us she is ready and that didn’t help the situation either. The rules are pretty strict here and even though we knew academically she was more than ready, but everybody advised us against making special requests to the school. We were ok delaying it but apparently Daughter can’t wait to start kindergarten. We have already bought and read ‘The Night Before Kindergarten’ many times and I guess will continue to do so until the actual day.

So that’s our plan in a nutshell for the months ahead of us. I hope everything goes according to the schedule. I need to hit the bed now and post this before I run out of time. Nighty Night folks and Good Morning to those on the other side of the globe. Talk to you guys tomorrow.


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