You want to kick yourself…..-Day 16


This post is inspired by Smitha’s post. Thanks for the idea. I really needed one.Here goes my list of when I want to kick myself and believe me there are plenty.

When you be too smart and don’t jot down the points while your brain is being overactive and think you will remember every bit of it when you sit to write, only to realize you don’t have a clue as to what you were thinking a couple of hours later.

When you step into the shower singing a merry tune and planning on a long relaxing bath only to realize that FedEx is supposed to deliver a package anytime soon and you need to hurry out.

When you order for delivery and just when they are about to knock you realize you are out of spare cash and literally have to count nickels and dimes while the delivery guy gives you weird glares.

When you are at a party and no matter how hard you try the cat seems to have got your tongue. All your rehearsed conversations seems to be tossed out of the window and all you are left with is a silly smile.

When you are found holding your hubby’s hand and shopping around in the maternity section of a store just after a few months of your marriage. If that’s not bad, you don’t even have a clue why your friends are giving you that hmmm look.

When you go to buy a car and the manager helps you find a comfy couch and asks your toddler whether she wants a brother or sister. You are stupid enough to think that his question is based on the choice of the family car and not the expanded waistline.

When you meet your Daughter’s swimming teacher at a store and can’t help gaping at her because she has such a fantastic figure. You have just realized it then as you have never seen her out of water. Honestly !! Did I think she lived in the pool and was a mermaid or what ??

When you plan to surprise your family with a desert only to realize you don’t have enough sugar.

When you sign up for Blogathon just after starting a blog.

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