Why Oh Why ?? – Day 18


Why is it that every week day I curse myself when the alarm goes off and when weekend comes I am wide awake at the wee hours in the morning ready to take on the world??

Why is it so difficult to manage giving my family a hearty healthy breakfast on a weekday while on weekends I feel I can serve a whole spread by 7 in the morning??

Why does my urge to drink a glass of wine happen just after the wine stores are closed for the day??

Why does Daughter decide to have a home cooked meal on those occasional day that I want off from the kitchen??

Why does Daughter decide to take a rare second helping just when I am complaining to someone that she just doesn’t eat??

Why do I forget to buy some of the basic necessities and end up buying every other thing while in the supermarket??

Why do I forget to turn on the dishwasher on those days when it’s really overloaded??

Why do I decide to wear something only to realize that it is in the laundry basket??

Why am I going on when I know this is such a senseless post??


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