Cheater Post – Day 20


It probably is not a beauty but that banana-nut-muffin is sure a show stealer with a steaming cup of coffee or tea. On the first day of our winter break I had baked these little guys early morning. I can’t tell you how good the whole house was smelling. It was made with regular store-bought banana muffin mix. So there was no measuring the flour and the sugar. All I needed was a mixing bowl to whisk up an egg, ½ cup water which I substituted with 2% milk and ¼ cup oil. To this I emptied the package and whisked it all up together. I filled up the muffin cups and sprinkled some walnuts. In 15 minutes the oven did a ‘ding’ and presto the delicious muffins were ready. These kind of ready to go mixes do help you save the day sometimes especially when you have guests who have stayed overnight and you want to serve something good with the morning cuppa without stressing yourself too much. Just like a random photograph helped me save my already tired brain which is in no mood to think.



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