Rant – Day 22


I’m so stressed today. Going to India is becoming like a mirage. Last year we were almost going to book our tickets in March when due to certain visa problems, we decided against it. If that was not a blow, we also had to postpone the trip for 1 year. Just when we have started to plan for the trip and trying to finalize on a date, innumerous issues are cropping up. We were initially planning for March but we have just found out that Daughter’s Kindergarten registration is in mid-February and after that they have a host of activities lined up for the kids. I know they aren’t such a big deal but I want her to participate in all of them. You know the public education here is really good and I want her to avail all the opportunities that they are giving for a fun and easy transition. It is also a nice way for the kids to get to know their peers and kind of understand what is expected out of them.

We know that it is ok for us to miss these dates and get her registered later but believe me I am a stickler for dates and time. It just freaks me out if I miss things. I need to plan, organize and then execute. I know if we decide on going to India without these things sorted out, I will stress till the time we get back and get them resolved. Simple things like planning a menu for a dinner can get me stressed if I am not sure about the number of people or if they are vegetarian/non veg and that kind of things. I need to plan every minute detail and till the time everything is planned you’ll see me with a paper and a pen.

And like I was telling you the other day of all the things that are lined up for this year, other major thing is that we are getting into the construction phase of our home. So if we miss going to India in March/April, I’m not sure when the next best time to travel is. Hubby is asking me to prioritize but I can’t. I want to chalk up a plan which will let us go to India, be here for all the pre-kindergarten activities and be in time to do all the necessary arrangements for the move too. You think I am being unreasonable?? Probably I am, but I really don’t care. I want to have my cake and eat it too. Till then I will stress and make and remake plans cause that’s how I function.


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