Counting My Blessings:1 – Day 25


I have often appreciated Little Fingers on her ‘Things I am happy about’ weekly series. It’s a lovely way of counting ones blessings and being grateful for the little things that we take for granted. After all it is these little things that make life worth living. Big things don’t happen to your life on a daily basis and I have found that the memories of the little things often last for a longer time. So thank you Little Fingers for this wonderful idea. I hope to make a series as well.

I am really thankful that these days Daughter does her activity book without any fuss. I have found out she really loves to learn and is a fast learner. Our schedule is like she gets home around 12:45 in the afternoon and after that she watches TV from 1 to 2 while having her lunch. After the TV is done, generally she plays, reads books or does whatever she pretty much feels like. It is during the afternoon hours that both of us snack on fruits or nuts. Every day sharp at 4 we sit together and do some activities aka studies. Initially 4 o’clock would have me calling her met with a refusal or fuss. I would stick to my ground and coax her into doing these daily activity pages. But as they say its history now. These days she gets her activity books ready by 3:45 and asks me what pages I want her to do. I consider this a huge blessing, perhaps the biggest. Doing things with a positive and happy mind helps her learn faster. She has also figured out the importance of practice. What more do I want from a 5-year-old. While still on the subject of Daughter, the other thing I am grateful for is that her fruit intake is getting better. While I know it is nowhere near perfect, but at least it is better than before.

Today morning I woke up with a splitting headache. The kind of headache that spreads in the neck and shoulder. I went about doing my daily chores with a grumpy face. Yes I know, lovely way for a Saturday morning that too when you are snowed in. I pity hubby and Daughter as they had to deal with me. Both of them tried to cheer me and entertained me in various ways but to no avail. I continued being grumpy. At last in the afternoon I decided to take a nap in the hopes that the headache would abandon me for good. I was woken up to a steaming cup of green tea by hubby and Daughter after a couple of hours of undisturbed sleep. While I slept peacefully hubby made fresh orange juice for Daughter. He took care of all the pending kitchen work. He made her do her activity book. I woke up with the headache gone and a surprisingly cheerful self. Isn’t he the sweetest??

It feels like a peaceful evening with Daughter watching a Disney movie and hubby sitting with his iPad and me typing away to glory. In a couple of hours Daughter will be tucked in bed and hubby and I can spend some undisturbed quality time together. Bliss. This morning I couldn’t bear the sight of snow and now a blizzard is raging outside and I am loving it. The snow is looking beautiful. Everything so pristine and white. Not a soul in sight. It almost looks like a scene from a poster. Everything still and quiet. Feeling blessed with the two loves of my life. Right now, can’t ask for anything more.

snowed in
snowed in

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