How Much Is Too Much – Day 27


I have mentioned earlier that Daughter is an avid reader. While that is good on most occasions but sometimes it can get out of hand. Like if sometimes one of our books are lying around, she will pick that up and start reading. It is difficult to reason with her that she is not allowed all books. According to her since she can read, that itself should entitle her to read everything. Well after a lot of coaxing and explaining, we have finally got over that stage and now she knows that she is not allowed to read all books.

But the reading is creating a lot of other problems. If we are at a store the first thing she wants, is to go to the book section. If at a restaurant, she is more interested in the menu card than the food itself. We have been home the last few days due to bad weather and all she did was read, read and read. These days playing is taking a back seat to reading. People tell me I should be grateful and believe me I am, but sometimes I get a little annoyed when I see her nose buried in a book the whole day. The hubby and I both believe in physical exercise and outdoor activities for kids. While she loves going to the park, playing outdoor and running/jumping now, I am worried the love for reading is kind of overshadowing all other.

This is a girl, who can spend hours reading a dictionary or kids encyclopedia. While I love it and can’t help but feel proud when she uses big words like ‘procrastinating’ or tells me facts like ‘hair and nails are dead cells and that’s why we don’t feel pain cutting them’ but sometimes I worry she is growing up too fast. After all 5 year olds should be running around and not reading encyclopedia. Shouldn’t 5 year olds be having their own adventures rather than just reading adventure stories?? Tell me am I over reacting or is it normal??


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