Untitled – Day 28


Few days back we were at the mall, window shopping. That day was such a shopping disaster. No matter which store we went nothing really called out to us. Other days, we go to the mall for a quick something and end up shopping like there is no tomorrow but that day, it seemed that the God’s were keeping a close eye on our pocket.

Generally this time of the year there are huge sales going on giving away winter clearance but that day we weren’t in for any luck. Most of the stuffs we saw we didn’t like. We wanted to buy some clothes for Daughter and most of the time if we plan on buying one or two dresses, we end up buying five. But that particular day, we just didn’t like anything. In fact we  wanted to buy her a pair of tennis shoes but can you believe it either we didn’t like any and the ones we did didn’t have her size.

So pretty much disappointed with ourselves and the stores we realized that shopping was not to be and resigned to looking around after Daughter and I had a yummy chocolate gelato. Our spirits rose considerably after the heavenly sugary treat. Power packed with the needed energy the three of us were aimlessly wandering around when we spotted it. A beautiful pink polka-dotted ‘Mommy’ coffee mug. It had a beautiful saying, ‘When God made moms, he gave the best one to me!’. I loved it and the other two shopping enthusiasts (hubby and Daughter) readily wanted to buy me that. The price was reasonable and hubby knows that I love these kind of no-good-mushy things. So the two decided that I deserve that mug. Feeling really happy with their thoughtfulness I thanked them. In a few minutes they did a quick check out and gave me the precious mug.

With the bag dangling from my hands we decided to do more shopping thinking our luck has improved. Then we came to the center court of the mall and there was some live band playing. Daughter got excited and wanted to dance. She gave me her jacket, mittens, muffler to hold while she danced. She looked so beautiful, dancing happily that I wanted to record it. But my phone was in my ever-so-big purse. And I also had forgotten how clumsy I can get. Trying to fish out the phone while trying not to drop Daughter’s winter paraphernalia proved to be a herculean task. So difficult that something slipped from my clumsy butter fingers. I quickly picked it up only to hear a little clatter in the bag. It was then that I realized that I had broken my just-gifted-precious mug. I wanted to cry.

That my friends is how very clumsy I can get 😦


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