Excited – Day 30


At last all the plans are more or less falling into place. We have narrowed down on a date for our vacation to India. I know I was stressing about all the things that needed to be sorted out before the trip but after going forward and backward with our dates several times, made me realize I have to let go of somethings. So we have decided in a way that we will miss only one pre-kindergarten transition activity. Now that the decision is made I am at peace and so much relieved. I know there will be many more activities where she can participate after we get back.

You know as I type my mind is making a zillion lists. Lists of all the things that need to be done before we go to India, list of the things we need to carry with us for the travel, the list of gifts that need to be bought and of course the list that I need to give my mum, of the yummy stuff that I want to hog. Apart from these we need to chalk out a calendar with our schedule of when and where to meet whom. I am getting so restless.

Last time daughter was in India she was 2.5 years and now she is almost 5 and a half. This year I think she is going to have a blast with all the cousins and the extended family. Everybody is so eager to meet and pamper her. I can bet my life that both sides of the grand parents are waiting to make up for lost time in that one month. She is going to so love all the attention that is sure to come her way. And I can’t wait to see my baby being showered with all that love.

Of course not just Daughter, hubby and I too will be pampered to no end. You know what makes me happy the most?? The thought that for one whole month I don’t have to do anything. Just eat, chat, shop and eat some more. I am already planning what we’ll eat for dinner the day we land.

Did I smell something burning 😀 ?? Oh come on don’t be jealous. Will go home and meet family after three long years…..So now off I go to make some more lists.


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