We Did It – Day 31


Last year around in June I started this blog and did about 8 posts. I was feeling pretty proud of myself and then I went into hibernation. There were lots of things going on and I had enough to write about yet I chose to be lazy quiet. And suddenly somehow six months passed and it seemed I was never coming back. Then one day while blog hopping I came across RM’s post about the upcoming Blogathon 2014 initiated by Maya. That’s when I decided to jump on the band wagon. I knew it would be difficult for a newbie like me with no saved drafts. I took up the challenge to get back to writing, since I knew once I was in my ego would not let me quit.

I must confess its been a pleasant journey. I came across lots of new blogs and that’s one of the best part. The other good part is the sense of achievement I feel. I used to read these blogathons before and often wondered how people did it. I can now claim to have done it myself successfully along with so many of you.

The other thing is that I noticed it’s not that difficult to write. Because unlike some other months this was not a very happening month for me in fact to the contrary it was quite a drag. But somehow I managed albeit with some crappy posts. Writing up crappy posts is an achievement too, don’t you think?? You know I always thought I could write only when thoughts come from within. I still agree to it but now only partially. I found out that even though I had a lot to write about last year but somehow those thoughts never saw the light of the day. Yet when I forced myself I was able to record little things that would otherwise go undocumented.

This post would be incomplete without saying ‘THANK YOU’ to all those who read and took time to comment on the posts. The response definitely helps in being motivated. Another set of support system are my Daughter and hubby. Daughter has at least reminded me ten times a day if I am done with the post of the day or not. She has also sacrificed bedtime stories many a days. The hubby has helped in giving me ideas. Wow!!! This almost sounds like I have won a Filmfare Award and has been asked to give a speech 😀

Hope to be more regular from now on. See you guys around with more stories.


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