Random Updates

The last weekend was super fun and exciting. We did loads of shopping. With our upcoming trip to India, we really went crazy shopping. We bought loads of stuff for Daughter and also got a lot of gifts for the family. The only problem is we aren’t getting a lot of summer wear with winter still going strong. In fact today also we went to Sam’s Club and got a few more stuff.

The weather was also considerably good but we couldn’t take much advantage as we were in the mall or some store. Today morning I woke up to a snow storm again and thus the two lovies were at home. The hubby was at home and supposed to be working but didn’t really get much done as I was constantly yapping. I kept making plans of what to eat and where to go. Monday felt so much better with a full house. All of us are in such a cheerful mood now.

Yesterday after returning from the mall, we asked Daughter if she would do a dress trial for us. She readily agreed and then my God you guys should have seen her. She took the task very seriously and modeled all the outfits. We have this narrow passage leading to the bedroom and she made us sit in the bedroom and almost pretended the passage is a ramp. I don’t know where she learnt the art of ‘catwalk’ but hubby and I were literally flabbergasted. It was a delight to watch her.

Thankfully we don’t need to do any exchanges or returns. I think we are more careful when we buy stuff in India especially since the return policies are not as good. The buying psychology here is a little different at least with us. More often than not when we like something we just buy it and then come home do a trial and decide, as returning is a piece of cake here.

Tomorrow is Saraswati Puja. I have a little puja planned after Daughter is back from school. Nothing much but just keeping her books and the pencil box in the puja area. So that’s about what is going on at my end. How about you guys ?? How have you been??



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