Counting My Blessings #2

Today is really not a day when I want to count my blessings especially after a little tiff with hubby. One that could be avoided if I wasn’t hyper-super-overtly-sensitive for no particular reason. And no, I can’t even blame it on PMS. But then I thought what better way to come to peace with myself than to count my blessings specially when I have a lot to be thankful for. Yes, the last few days many little things have made me feel so happy and content.

Last Thursday we had a parent-teacher conference at Daughter’s preschool. It was one of those days when I really felt pride. Pride at the little bundle we created. The bundle who is growing up to be a bright and beautiful young lady. Her teacher was so full of praises. In fact she told us that Daughter is one of the brightest kid in her class. Actually her exact words were ‘She is the brightest kid in the group’. She also told us that Daughter is a fast learner and picks up things pretty easily. She is very confident and sure of herself. She plays with everyone and tries to make others happy. Her teacher also told us that she is very intelligent and so we must keep challenging her. I know I am gushing here but believe me it was such a proud moment for both hubby and me. That day I couldn’t stop hugging and kissing her. Not that I need any reason to cuddle up but that day I felt so happy hearing all those things from her teacher.

Last weekend we also made the valentine’s day treat bags. It was nice to see Daughter so happy about giving. From as far back as I can remember I love to give gifts. It wont be wrong to say I am more happy giving people things than receiving. I love taking my time in selecting gifts for others. So it was a real treat to watch Daughter’s enthusiasm when she went about selecting the little things she wanted to put in the bags. She was clear she didn’t want to put too many candies. So we ended up putting stickers, pencils, erasers, a mini kaleidoscope and a few kisses chocolates. She also wrote neatly in each little card. Today was their valentine’s day celebration at school. She woke up bright and early. Came from school very happy loaded with gifts and candies galore. But I am lucky as she didn’t touch a single candy and I know in a day or two she will trash all the candies. That child really is an angel.

Only one week is left before we fly to India. For the first time in our lives our suitcases are already packed. Except for the last-minute essentials everything is more or less done. Trust me that is a big first for us. And I am so relieved and stress free after that packing. I also got a lot of gifts for all those near and dear ones. We have been having some very good shopping days. I am so happy at all the little things that I bought for the family. I can’t wait to see them and give them their gifts.

Remember I was stressing about some of the pre-kindergarten activities that Daughter is going to miss?? Luckily we were able to book the tickets in a way that she won’t miss anything. You don’t know how happy I am about that.

Last weekend hubby and I were blessed with a lot of ‘us time’. Those are some of the moments I so look forward to. We had plenty of those moments last weekend. Nothing takes away the mundane and not-so-mundane stress more than a good dose of romance mixed with a healthy portion of passion.





4 thoughts on “Counting My Blessings #2

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