Going Out To Movies With Kids

This post is triggered after reading RM’s post on Frozen. Mine is not a review on the movie. On Christmas Day 2013 we went and watched the movie. It was the first time where Daughter went to the movies. Don’t get me wrong, she has watched most of the Disney and Barbie movies. These days often we let her pick, her own movie from Redbox but we really never felt the need to take her to the movies.

Actually we rarely go to the movies ourselves. Hubby and I actually have completely different taste when it comes to movies. In our 4 years of dating days we went to see 2 movies. And after getting married, the 7 years prior to having Daughter I guess we went to watch some odd 8 or 10 movies. After having Daughter, since we never had anybody to watch her, we ended up never going to the movies at all. Of course not going to movies never meant not watching them so it really never bothered us. We were fine waiting for the movies to be available in Netflix or Redbox or Youtube. There have often been times we have watched a so-called hit movie after a year or more of its release. So that’s how up to date we are with Hollywood or Bollywood movies.

Well this post is not really about our movie watching habit but more about watching movies with kids. I am strongly against taking little kids to the movies no matter what kind they are especially if they are little. I really don’t think kids miss out anything by not watching these Bollywood masala flicks with scenes with action/violence and the hot item songs. For our house it’s a strict no-no. And honestly we never felt we are sacrificing a lot by depriving ourselves from the little entertainment that they do provide. But what really horrifies me is how parents often bribe their kids with junk food and candy to make them sit quietly. Of course the other thing that does irritate the hell out of me when I do choose to go for a movie is a wailing infant. Trust me it’s not the baby so much but the parents who irritate me the most. They tend to think by buying tickets they are entitled to walk up and down the passage between the rows so that they can pacify the wailing infant while singing a lullaby. I don’t blame the baby who is petrified of the loud noise and the darkness.

So when Daughter was little we never took her to the movies. There were friends who gave us ideas about taking her and of course giving her candy. There were others who said so what if she cries once, she will get used to. I honestly don’t see the point in getting her used to things that really don’t make a difference. And my Daughter is generally a little scared of loud noise, so I didn’t see the point of putting her through the ordeal. And honestly I doubted whether she would want to sit through 90 minutes. Last year when we visited Disneyworld she enjoyed the 20/30 minutes 3D and 4D shows. So after she turned 5, hubby thought we should take her to the movies just so that she could experience it. I thought it would be a little too overwhelming and that she might be scared. When we talked to Daughter about going she took it in her stride and was pretty excited. So we knew she was ready. Hubby chose the movie Frozen and I researched it. After all its raving reviews, we took her for that one. She was super happy. She loved the movie. I was very happy with our choice as well cause it was one movie where ‘true love’s kiss’ didn’t mean kiss from a prince in shining armor.

I am glad we waited till she was ready to experience and enjoy the movie.I do not mean to offend anyone here nor am I in a position to be judgmental. To each his own is what I believe. I am merely sharing what works for us and what I agree or disagree to.


4 thoughts on “Going Out To Movies With Kids

  1. How true about a wailing infant. I feel really sorry for her/him. At times, even my ears pain with all the noise in the cinema halls. How can a little kid endure that much of a noise? I have seen parents bring really little kids and let them play wherever they want. And these parents enjoy their movie. I mean, how unsafe is it? And then I have seen parents bring kids for the 10Pm show, so that the kid can sleep off. Its quite impossible actually and we all end up dealing with a cranky kid.

    I remember one incident where a kid was playing on the passage and lost its way. For some reason, she thought I might be her mother. Came up to me and started wailing. The said mother didnt even bother to get up. Sigh.

    And the fights that these ppl have just because one kid is too loud (enjoying himself watching one animated film) which is disturbing some other kids. These parents I say. The kids have no issues, but these people raise all sorts of fights and end up spoiling everyone’s time too.

    *sorry wrote a post for a comment* 😛

  2. Your post echoed my take on kids to cinema halls MTW. I still don’t get how parents get babies or toddlers to movies and then forget about their child wandering around the hall. Sometimes, the babies wail loudly due to the decibel levels in the cinema and these parents try to carry on and watch the movie. It is just sad!

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