Leaving for India

The bags are packed. The refrigerator sits empty. The brain is working overtime trying to think if anything is missed. Most of the lists are checked. Yes you guessed it right. We are leaving for India tomorrow. Actually we are flying on Friday but tomorrow we are leaving for New Jersey. We will be flying from JFK this time. God the fares between Pittsburgh and JFK vary greatly. So this time we had decided we will drive to NJ a day before and stay the night at a good-friend-of-ours place. We will keep our car there and go to JFK the next morning.

It is going to be exactly 3 years since we have been to India. We all our so excited, especially Daughter. Have bought her 3 new Mercy Watson books for the journey. Keeping her away from them has been difficult but I have assured her that she will be thankful once she gets the new books during the long travel. Apart from books, the iPad and dvd player should take care of the nonstop 14 hour flight. How I hate flights are a thing that I don’t want to get in today. I am too excited to spoil my mood.

Yesterday was Daughter’s kindergarten registration. We went to the school and got all the formalities done. She was super excited, more so because she found out one of her daycare friend would go to the same school. The greatest part for me was the activities that they have lined up for the kindergarteners are on dates after we get back. So that was a huge relief. It was a big day for us yesterday. I still can’t believe my baby is growing up so fast and is ready to start full day school from this fall. Anyway I have enough time to get used to that idea. I think her grandparents will also be surprised at how much she has grown up since the last time they saw her.

I intend to give updates in between about the vacation but am not exactly sure. Let’s see how it goes. If not, then I will see you guys in the last week of March. Till then take care.



11 thoughts on “Leaving for India

  1. You going after 3 YEARS??? *shocked*
    But enjoy to the fullest girl and catch up for all the lost time..
    No. No need to post anything from India, just pay attention to family 🙂
    Look forward to reading your India posts when you come back 🙂 have fun 🙂

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