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Perfect Weekend

This was such a relaxing weekend. Yesterday morning we had signed up for the Lowe’s Build and Grow Workshop for kids. So I was up early and after taking my shower woke hubby. He was in no mood to wake up, so cuddled up for a while and then pushed him out of bed. After a relaxing hot cuppa and a light breakfast, we went to Lowe’s. For all of you in the US who have kids, both Lowe’s and Home Depot have a workshop for kids on Saturdays. Upon reaching the store, the kids are given a kit and with the help of a parent, they are able to make a craft out of it. It requires building some thing from scratch. These workshops are absolutely free. Home Depot has this on the first Saturday of a month. Lowe’s has it every second and fourth Saturday. It is absolutely free. So if you haven’t tried it, it’s definitely worth giving a shot. The kids love hammering and painting little things. And it’s a delight to watch them. You just need to get used to the loud hammering 🙂 .

She built a Sheep Drop game at Lowe's
She built a Sheep Drop game at Lowe’s

After that Daughter had a dentist appointment. Hubby took her there while I just chilled at home. Everything went well there and then we went out for lunch. Afternoon we camped out in the living room floor and watched the World Cup games. Daughter was playing in the background. It’s so relaxing when we do something and are able to hear her cheerful banter. These little things make me so happy.

In the evening we wanted to go to the park. It was a hot day yesterday and just when we decided to leave, dark clouds started looming above. Daughter was disappointed thinking that we would have to cancel going out but she was in for a surprise. We decided to go to the park anyway. Our park is up on a hill and generally it’s very windy and beautiful up there. As we reached the park it was already drizzling. Boy Oh Boy !! It was so beautiful. Trust me there have been some times in my life where I wanted to freeze those moments. Yesterday was one such. There were a few families who were leaving looking at dark clouds. They must have thought we were a bunch of lunatics. We were the only ones left in the park, laughing like crazy and breathing in the fresh air and getting wet in the rain. I had been a little stressed lately and believe me in those few minutes my shoulders loosened a bit and I could actually feel my tensions melt away. We had the park all to ourselves and thus decided to use the opportunity to take some crazy family selfies 🙂 . It felt so good. As all good things come to an end, this was no different. Daughter was pretty wet and we decided to head home as we didn’t have any spare clothes in the car. So after a quick look at the construction site we came home.

View from the park on a clear day overlooking the dog park
View from the park on a clear day overlooking the dog park

Once home Daughter took her bath while I made her dinner. And as always she was in snooze land in no time. After a quick shower hubby and I relaxed with a drink. It was an end to a perfect day.

Today morning I was woken up by Daughter. It seems she had woken up a little early and decided to let us sleep. She had finished all her morning chores and had dressed up. She has also put in a decent effort in making her own bed. Seeing that we were still sleeping decided to wake us up. It was a pleasant surprise to see her all dressed up and bright. I’am sometimes so amazed at her ‘big girl’ behavior. She is growing up soooo fast. I wish time would slow down and I could enjoy these years some more.

Rest of the day was uneventful in a nice way. We just made a quick trip to Sam’s once and that apart we have been home watching the FIFA Worldcup.

It was a very relaxing weekend. It has energized me has de stressed me to a great extent. My only regret, it could have been a passionate one if only this week wasn’t ‘that time of the month’ 😉 .

Homemade Chicken Enchilada with a side of Mexican rice to wind up the weekend
Homemade Chicken Enchilada with a side of Mexican rice to wind up the weekend

Daughter Tales

So many of my friends are sending their kids to summer camps in the hope that the kids do not waste their time idling in front of the tv and learn something worthwhile, and spending dollars that would take care of my monthly mortgage bill. While I know some don’t have a choice with both parents working, the others think the camps teach so much that it’s an absolute must to send the kids to summer camps.

Daughter had started school when she was a little over 2 years. Of course with me being a stay-at-home-mom, she was in a half day program, that is until this summer. Her school being a daycare had no summer breaks, no vacations whatsoever except the 12 days of public holiday. Of course she had her breaks when we vacationed or took a day off here or there that is of course apart from the sick days. So this year with her starting kindergarten in the fall, the hubby and I decided to give her a break from the daily routine. Of course she is expected to wake up by a certain time and go to bed at her usual bed time, still has her swimming and gymnastic lessons and the one hour of study time. She is allowed just an hour of TV time and that too I must say she doesn’t watch regularly and is more often than not content in about 20 minutes other than the occasional days when nickelodeon or Disney characters seems to have camped on my living room.

So all in all I was a happy mom until some of my friends started raving about the summer camps their kids were going to. They were building jets with wooden blocks, going to science museum and zoo. Apparently the kids were learning so much while having so much fun. How exciting it all sounded. Made me wanting to be a kid again. But most importantly made me question my decision. Am I depriving her?? But then I told myself we go to the museum and zoo all the time. But is it the same ?? Again the mind started questioning. After all even I can’t deny that going to the zoo with your peers is more fun than going with your parents. Again the part of me that wanted to make myself feel better rationed in and calmed me down. I said to myself that it’s not every year that she will sit at home, it’s just this year that we are giving her a break. The whole new world of camps and school is just beginning to unfold in front of her. There is a lot of time for her to learn and enjoy with friends. But since I can afford to give her the time, why can’t we take advantage of the time spent together . After all we were also doing crafts, painting, baking and playing together. In between we were also having play dates and doing fun things. Most importantly we have been reading a lot of new books. The best part is she has been at home for a month now and I’am yet to hear ‘mommy I’am bored’. So we must be doing something right. After this talk with myself, I felt very good and was almost about to give myself ‘Mom of the Year’ crown.

Every thing was going fine till today morning. I had given her breakfast and was doing something in the kitchen when suddenly I see her blankly staring outside. Again my brain started to do overtime and I resigned myself thinking that keeping her home probably was not such a good idea. After all nothing interesting was going on in front of our house neither do we stay in a busy street where there is a lot of hustle and bustle that goes on for people to watch. While trying to finish my household chores I was making a mental note to call my friends and ask them about the upcoming camps. Suddenly I heard my Daughter, I had not realized that she had walked into the kitchen, “Sshhhh!!! Mama you are making too much noise. I am trying to figure out whether that is a cardinal or not and if you are so loud it’s going to fly away.” “A cardinal !!” was all I could come up with. “Yes mama, look carefully, up on that tree. Do you see the red bird ?”I saw her big bright eyes gleaming with excitement. I asked her is that what she was trying to figure for so long. She silently nodded, eyes still fixed on that tree.

After some time, I found her reading a book about birds. I asked her whether the bird that she had seen earlier was a cardinal or not and very indulgently she nodded saying indeed it was. She further went on to tell me about not only cardinals but about chickadees and robbins as well. That was a lot of info coming from a five year old.

So I thought to myself even though from next year she will also be going to summer camps if not for the whole summer but atleast a part of it, this year I can get a crash course in birds from my little 5 year old. So today once again I sleep in peace knowing that like the other kids she is also learning even if it’s just about birds. I think this time away from routined life is helping her develop some hobbies and interest. So when so many are spending their money, I get to have a crash course free 😉 . Isn’t that awesome ?? So till the time my brain springs another question on me, I’am at peace with my decision.

P.S : I have probably borrowed someone’s title but can’t remember whose. After much thinking, this is the best I could come up with.

Mixed Bag

It’s already past midnight at this part of the globe and somehow this week I feel I didn’t achieve much. With the summer vacation going on, the routine that we try to hold on to for dear life is kind of gone for a toss. The weather has also been pretty good but sadly we have not been able to take advantage of it as much as we would love to. I feel soooo bad that we have not been able to take Daughter to the park except for a few days.

Here in the northeast we hardly get to enjoy good weather and now that good weather is knocking at our door, it’s such a shame we are not out and about to enjoy it.

Oh no !! Did you think we have not been out?? Trust me we have been out and about, just not to places where we enjoy as a family. This year no trips to the beach, no picnics at the park yet. So where have we been ?? We have been going crazy with the home building process. Every weekend and sometimes in between we have been to Lowe’s, Home Depot, Sear’s, Ikea to name just a few. The way we have been store hopping, one would think we have selected everything. Yes we have shortlisted the appliances but for the furniture we are still going in circles.

When our friends were buying their homes, I would often think to myself that wow it must be so exciting to move into your own home. But ironically when I’am living that dream, I find there is a lot of stress involved with the excitement. Going to home improvement stores especially Ikea had always been a favorite pastime of the hubby and me. We would go to these places and often design our dream home. But now when we actually need to buy so much, we are having a hard time deciding on a single piece.

This weekend we have a lot of sorting to do. In the past couple of months we donated so much but it seems there is still a lot to be given away. We hope to de clutter as much as possible before the move, so that at least before the move we won’t have to make trips to the local goodwill store to give them more boxes. I should mention that Daughter has been a real trooper in this donating stuffs. She has given away things without any fuss. It is us who have kept some of her big and small baby toys. In fact the ‘kitchen’ that she loved so much was also given away with a smile.

Infact today we heard from the builders that we will be closing on the house the last week of August. The week when Daughter starts kindergarten. I so wanted to settle her in the new home before school started but that is becoming an unattainable dream. She is excited about both the new school and the home, so I’am trying not to fret and am keeping my fingers crossed. Hopefully the two new things will not overwhelm her and she will take both the transitions in her stride. That is what I have been praying fervently for every single day.

Well that’s what is going on at my end. I know this post is a mixed bag of a little here and a little there but that is exactly how things are going on right now. Hopefully we will have a less crazy weekend and get some much needed rest. Have a good weekend guys!!!

Happy Father’s Day, Honey!!!

More than a decade ago, I sat across you in a dimly lit restaurant smiling at something you said and I thought to myself, ‘I can never love someone more than I love you’. In those days when the hours we spent together were so limited and it was always in some public place I would often wish to hug you and never let you go. Even now after more than a decade of married life, with worries and responsibilities often looming large, holding you tight and burying my head in your chest makes me feel so safe and secure. But these days I often have to compete with your little sweetheart for that place which is forever mine. But seeing her snuggled in your arms is also an image I love to see.

Infact if 10+ years ago I thought my heart would explode if I loved you more, I don’t know how I’am still in one piece. Because the feelings that I have for you now doesn’t compare to the yester years.

You were always in love with kids and seeing you holding ours for the first time made me fall in love with you all over again. I’am ashamed to admit that there were moments albeit fleeting ones where I was jealous that I was no longer the leading lady in your life. A little princess had taken over my man. I must say you were a natural at parenting. You did everything with so much ease and I learnt so much from you. Be it swaddling an infant; or feeding; or dressing up a teeny tiny baby or bathing, you seemed a master of all.

There was a time when she was around 18 months, she would wake up almost every night and cry. It would go on for what seemed like hours at times, and she would wail incessantly and you would walk. Yes in the middle of the night you would patiently rock or walk, whichever made the little one feel better. I would feel guilty knowing you had office the next day but I could do nothing about it as she wanted no one but you. She was and still is a true Daddy’s Girl.

Even now you are her rock in the storm and a true confidant. On the rare days when she sleeps with us, I still find her holding you. I hope the bond between the two of you stay forever as it is now. I know in my heart that the little one knows and appreciates what she has. She knows what an awesome dad she has. Be it from playing ball or brushing her hair, you still do it all. You push her hard when she needs the extra nudge and wipe her tears when she falls. You give her the freedom of making choices. But most of all you let her know she is safe. In her eyes you are a hero who protects her from everything.

Even though I nag, grumble, sulk, fight but honey always know that I love you. I respect you for the good man that you are. Even now looking at you makes my knees weak . My heart still skips a beat when the door knob turns announcing your arrival. I still feel lost without you. My eyes still seek you at a crowded place. I still love you like never before. Happy Father’s Day to one of the most awesome dads !!! You are the best !!!


I had promised Daughter today we would go to the mall….it would be just the two of us for a special girlie time. I had noticed that even with her staying at home, we were not spending enough quality time together. Of course as a family we spend loads of time but not so much just the two of us. Atleast not as much as I would like.

Today one of the movers’ were supposed to come to give us a quote. So hubby had decided to work from home. We had a nice start to the weekend. I always love when he is at home because that way I get to have a good cup of tea. Ya I’am kind of lazy to make a cuppa just for myself and somehow I feel tea/coffee doesn’t taste the same without company unless I’am in a desperate need for caffeine.

I got a lot done in the morning. I actually did four loads of laundry. It almost felt as if I was doing not only ours but the neighbors and then some. But no matter how exhausted I was, the empty laundry basket and the sweet smelling linen definitely gave me an added high.

We had our lunch together at home. After that Daughter and I got dressed for our fun-time. She wanted me to dress ‘extra special’ and even though I’am not a fan of dressing up, I decided to humor her and go for it. And soon hand in hand we set off.

I had decided early on I would do whatever she wanted at the mall. Just after reaching the mall she informed me that she wanted to buy something special for daddy. I had already helped her in making a photo frame for hubby as a Father’s Day gift but seeing her excitement decided to look for something. But that little missy sure knows how to shop. After a while I was tired of looking because it seemed nothing was special enough for her daddy.

After what seemed like hours of treasure hunt, she finally laid eyes on her prize. It was a beautiful ‘DAD’ mug. I was ecstatic that she finally found something good enough for her daddy.

After that she took some rides. We took a picture in those automatic portrait studios. Then I took her to the toy store and got her some Legos. We did some window shopping and store hopping. Then decided on going for some ice cream and gourmet fries with cheese and bacon bits.

Overall it was a perfect start to the Father’s Day weekend. Later hubby and Daughter went out for some grocery and got me flowers. Now Daughter is tucked in bed and once I publish this, I can enjoy some quality and quantity time with my darling 😉 .

Phony Affair

You know I have become one of those obnoxious people whose nose is always buried in her phone. Sometimes I feel my fingers are glued to it. So much so that even if I am watching tv (which is on a very rare occasion) that I still need the phone going. Of course I can replace the phone with my iPad or my laptop on the event my phone is out of charge. I often wonder is it the internet that I need at my disposal constantly or is it an affair I seem to be having with my phone ??

Hubby often asks what do I do with my phone constantly…Well it would be easier to say what I don’t do. From setting up the wake up alarm to setting reminders to pay the bills to making lists of what to buy to Facebook to blog hopping to checking the weather to news to playing candy crush saga and all the subsequent sagas that they have come up with. And how can I forget whatsapp !!! So pretty much from the first thing in the morning to the last thing at night, it is my loyal companion.

I often feel I’am becoming a slave of these gadgets. But the sad truth is I have become one of those people whom I so abhorred 😦 . Luckily I still have some sanity in me that I don’t fidget with my beloved phone while having a conversation with someone. Conversations with hubby doesn’t count does it 😀 . I’am still not one of those Fb freaks who have to give status updates of every moment of their lives. So that way I’am spared.

But one thing even my phone can’t replace is the joy of holding a book. No matter how tech savvy I get, leafing the pages of a book has it’s own joy. The musty smell of an old book or the new smell of a fresh print is something that pretty much is unbeatable. So I think I still have some hope in myself.

These days I don’t read as much as I would like to and I really would like to be ‘that lady with a book’ rather than ‘that lady with her phone’. So hopefully I’ll give myself a break and take it easy. Will try to read more and browse less. Let’s see how it goes…..

Knock Knock !!!

Good Lord !!! Has it been that long, really?? But I guess I have made a reputation for these long absences 🙂 …… Anyway it’s been a little over 2 months we have been back from India. A rejuvenating and refreshing trip it was. I thought I would come back fresh and happy. But to the contrary I was depressed after coming back. Daughter was also miserable as she missed everyone. The only person who felt right at home after coming back was hubby. I was feeling strangely disconnected with my life here.

In other things, we got our GC approved right after reaching India. To say we were happy would be an understatement. It was like a dream come true. This was a big step towards the future. After a lot of ifs and buts and endless discussions on where to live, we had decided to give it a shot. When lot of our friends were waiting on their GC approval even after 5/6 years, we had debated whether to go for it or not. But luck was at our side. We knew with our visa, our GC processing would not be as laborious. The estimated time frame given to us was roughly 18 months. But luckily we got ours in 6 months. Of course being in India when the welcome notice was received was an added boon. We took the opportunity to celebrate with our near and dear ones. While most of them were happy, some could not really fathom our reasoning behind wanting to settle in the US.

After coming back one of the major disappointment was the construction of our home had not started. We knew we had had a very bad winter but for them to not even start on the excavation was a real setback. After a lot of calls with the builders we were informed that they were having issues with the township on getting the building permit. That was a huge blow as we knew moving in before Daughter starts kindergarten would not be possible. After constantly asking for updates, we were informed that the builders had finally got the green signal. After that things have slowly been falling into place. We have a long way to go but at least we are getting there.

Another big news was Daughter graduated from preschool. She is formally done with her daycare. Hubby and I have decided to keep her home this summer. Initially we had decided to send her for a summer program. But then decided against it as she was constantly falling sick. She didn’t want to stay home for the entire summer but I explained to her that once she starts going to ‘big school’ , how little time we will get to spend together. Somewhat reluctantly she agreed.

That’s what has been going on at my end. I know this post has muddled updates but with so many things going on I really was not getting enough time. Today I had made up my mind to write even if it was an incoherent post. Hopefully the dusting of the cobwebs in what seems like an abandoned blog will help me in finding my feet, so that I’m not a stranger in my own space.

P.S : Please ignore excuse the typos or grammatical errors. For the first time am publishing a post from the wordpress app in my phone.