Knock Knock !!!

Good Lord !!! Has it been that long, really?? But I guess I have made a reputation for these long absences 🙂 …… Anyway it’s been a little over 2 months we have been back from India. A rejuvenating and refreshing trip it was. I thought I would come back fresh and happy. But to the contrary I was depressed after coming back. Daughter was also miserable as she missed everyone. The only person who felt right at home after coming back was hubby. I was feeling strangely disconnected with my life here.

In other things, we got our GC approved right after reaching India. To say we were happy would be an understatement. It was like a dream come true. This was a big step towards the future. After a lot of ifs and buts and endless discussions on where to live, we had decided to give it a shot. When lot of our friends were waiting on their GC approval even after 5/6 years, we had debated whether to go for it or not. But luck was at our side. We knew with our visa, our GC processing would not be as laborious. The estimated time frame given to us was roughly 18 months. But luckily we got ours in 6 months. Of course being in India when the welcome notice was received was an added boon. We took the opportunity to celebrate with our near and dear ones. While most of them were happy, some could not really fathom our reasoning behind wanting to settle in the US.

After coming back one of the major disappointment was the construction of our home had not started. We knew we had had a very bad winter but for them to not even start on the excavation was a real setback. After a lot of calls with the builders we were informed that they were having issues with the township on getting the building permit. That was a huge blow as we knew moving in before Daughter starts kindergarten would not be possible. After constantly asking for updates, we were informed that the builders had finally got the green signal. After that things have slowly been falling into place. We have a long way to go but at least we are getting there.

Another big news was Daughter graduated from preschool. She is formally done with her daycare. Hubby and I have decided to keep her home this summer. Initially we had decided to send her for a summer program. But then decided against it as she was constantly falling sick. She didn’t want to stay home for the entire summer but I explained to her that once she starts going to ‘big school’ , how little time we will get to spend together. Somewhat reluctantly she agreed.

That’s what has been going on at my end. I know this post has muddled updates but with so many things going on I really was not getting enough time. Today I had made up my mind to write even if it was an incoherent post. Hopefully the dusting of the cobwebs in what seems like an abandoned blog will help me in finding my feet, so that I’m not a stranger in my own space.

P.S : Please ignore excuse the typos or grammatical errors. For the first time am publishing a post from the wordpress app in my phone.


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