I had promised Daughter today we would go to the mall….it would be just the two of us for a special girlie time. I had noticed that even with her staying at home, we were not spending enough quality time together. Of course as a family we spend loads of time but not so much just the two of us. Atleast not as much as I would like.

Today one of the movers’ were supposed to come to give us a quote. So hubby had decided to work from home. We had a nice start to the weekend. I always love when he is at home because that way I get to have a good cup of tea. Ya I’am kind of lazy to make a cuppa just for myself and somehow I feel tea/coffee doesn’t taste the same without company unless I’am in a desperate need for caffeine.

I got a lot done in the morning. I actually did four loads of laundry. It almost felt as if I was doing not only ours but the neighbors and then some. But no matter how exhausted I was, the empty laundry basket and the sweet smelling linen definitely gave me an added high.

We had our lunch together at home. After that Daughter and I got dressed for our fun-time. She wanted me to dress ‘extra special’ and even though I’am not a fan of dressing up, I decided to humor her and go for it. And soon hand in hand we set off.

I had decided early on I would do whatever she wanted at the mall. Just after reaching the mall she informed me that she wanted to buy something special for daddy. I had already helped her in making a photo frame for hubby as a Father’s Day gift but seeing her excitement decided to look for something. But that little missy sure knows how to shop. After a while I was tired of looking because it seemed nothing was special enough for her daddy.

After what seemed like hours of treasure hunt, she finally laid eyes on her prize. It was a beautiful ‘DAD’ mug. I was ecstatic that she finally found something good enough for her daddy.

After that she took some rides. We took a picture in those automatic portrait studios. Then I took her to the toy store and got her some Legos. We did some window shopping and store hopping. Then decided on going for some ice cream and gourmet fries with cheese and bacon bits.

Overall it was a perfect start to the Father’s Day weekend. Later hubby and Daughter went out for some grocery and got me flowers. Now Daughter is tucked in bed and once I publish this, I can enjoy some quality and quantity time with my darling 😉 .


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