Happy Father’s Day, Honey!!!

More than a decade ago, I sat across you in a dimly lit restaurant smiling at something you said and I thought to myself, ‘I can never love someone more than I love you’. In those days when the hours we spent together were so limited and it was always in some public place I would often wish to hug you and never let you go. Even now after more than a decade of married life, with worries and responsibilities often looming large, holding you tight and burying my head in your chest makes me feel so safe and secure. But these days I often have to compete with your little sweetheart for that place which is forever mine. But seeing her snuggled in your arms is also an image I love to see.

Infact if 10+ years ago I thought my heart would explode if I loved you more, I don’t know how I’am still in one piece. Because the feelings that I have for you now doesn’t compare to the yester years.

You were always in love with kids and seeing you holding ours for the first time made me fall in love with you all over again. I’am ashamed to admit that there were moments albeit fleeting ones where I was jealous that I was no longer the leading lady in your life. A little princess had taken over my man. I must say you were a natural at parenting. You did everything with so much ease and I learnt so much from you. Be it swaddling an infant; or feeding; or dressing up a teeny tiny baby or bathing, you seemed a master of all.

There was a time when she was around 18 months, she would wake up almost every night and cry. It would go on for what seemed like hours at times, and she would wail incessantly and you would walk. Yes in the middle of the night you would patiently rock or walk, whichever made the little one feel better. I would feel guilty knowing you had office the next day but I could do nothing about it as she wanted no one but you. She was and still is a true Daddy’s Girl.

Even now you are her rock in the storm and a true confidant. On the rare days when she sleeps with us, I still find her holding you. I hope the bond between the two of you stay forever as it is now. I know in my heart that the little one knows and appreciates what she has. She knows what an awesome dad she has. Be it from playing ball or brushing her hair, you still do it all. You push her hard when she needs the extra nudge and wipe her tears when she falls. You give her the freedom of making choices. But most of all you let her know she is safe. In her eyes you are a hero who protects her from everything.

Even though I nag, grumble, sulk, fight but honey always know that I love you. I respect you for the good man that you are. Even now looking at you makes my knees weak . My heart still skips a beat when the door knob turns announcing your arrival. I still feel lost without you. My eyes still seek you at a crowded place. I still love you like never before. Happy Father’s Day to one of the most awesome dads !!! You are the best !!!


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