Mixed Bag

It’s already past midnight at this part of the globe and somehow this week I feel I didn’t achieve much. With the summer vacation going on, the routine that we try to hold on to for dear life is kind of gone for a toss. The weather has also been pretty good but sadly we have not been able to take advantage of it as much as we would love to. I feel soooo bad that we have not been able to take Daughter to the park except for a few days.

Here in the northeast we hardly get to enjoy good weather and now that good weather is knocking at our door, it’s such a shame we are not out and about to enjoy it.

Oh no !! Did you think we have not been out?? Trust me we have been out and about, just not to places where we enjoy as a family. This year no trips to the beach, no picnics at the park yet. So where have we been ?? We have been going crazy with the home building process. Every weekend and sometimes in between we have been to Lowe’s, Home Depot, Sear’s, Ikea to name just a few. The way we have been store hopping, one would think we have selected everything. Yes we have shortlisted the appliances but for the furniture we are still going in circles.

When our friends were buying their homes, I would often think to myself that wow it must be so exciting to move into your own home. But ironically when I’am living that dream, I find there is a lot of stress involved with the excitement. Going to home improvement stores especially Ikea had always been a favorite pastime of the hubby and me. We would go to these places and often design our dream home. But now when we actually need to buy so much, we are having a hard time deciding on a single piece.

This weekend we have a lot of sorting to do. In the past couple of months we donated so much but it seems there is still a lot to be given away. We hope to de clutter as much as possible before the move, so that at least before the move we won’t have to make trips to the local goodwill store to give them more boxes. I should mention that Daughter has been a real trooper in this donating stuffs. She has given away things without any fuss. It is us who have kept some of her big and small baby toys. In fact the ‘kitchen’ that she loved so much was also given away with a smile.

Infact today we heard from the builders that we will be closing on the house the last week of August. The week when Daughter starts kindergarten. I so wanted to settle her in the new home before school started but that is becoming an unattainable dream. She is excited about both the new school and the home, so I’am trying not to fret and am keeping my fingers crossed. Hopefully the two new things will not overwhelm her and she will take both the transitions in her stride. That is what I have been praying fervently for every single day.

Well that’s what is going on at my end. I know this post is a mixed bag of a little here and a little there but that is exactly how things are going on right now. Hopefully we will have a less crazy weekend and get some much needed rest. Have a good weekend guys!!!


4 thoughts on “Mixed Bag

  1. God. Tell me about the difficulty in making decisions when it comes to purchasing for the new house you’ve bought. SIgh!

    But you know what? Beneath all that frustration, I still feel excited 😀

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