Fun And Friends

Today has been one busy day. From laundry to cooking I have done it all. The coming weekend being a long one, we have decided to visit a friend’s house. Hence the sudden urgency in getting everything done. I do not like coming back to a messy house and a full laundry basket. So much so that these days just before we leave home for anywhere Daughter makes sure that none of her toys are lying around the floor because in her words ‘toys on the floor drives mommy crazy’. Our friends live around 6 hours drive from our place. So we will start on Thursday by 3 and hopefully reach there by 9 at night. We are really looking forward to it as they are a very good friend of ours.

It’s funny how some relations progress. Let’s call the couple S and I. S was two years senior to my hubby in his engineering college and they were very good friends. I had forever heard about him but never had a chance to meet him (except on our wedding reception). Even though we were all in the US but somehow didn’t get a chance to meet until three years back.

We had invited them to our place for Daughter’s 3rd birthday. Their daughter is just six months older than ours. From then on there was no looking back. Now they also have a baby boy whom we absolutely adore. Of course my relation with I calls for a post itself. We have become the best of friends. We discus almost everything. So all in all these are the perfect weekend getaways where all of us are so relaxed and just look forward to spending time together. Each of us have the perfect company.

Now days me and I talk more on the phone than my hubby and S. We are constantly texting or watsapping each other. She is a real fun person to be with. Daughter is also very excited that she gets to meet and play with her friend for two whole days and also play ‘big sister’ to the little toddler. It’s going to be one happy and enjoyable weekend. All ready we have planned a lot of activities for the kids. Aren’t these sort of gatherings the best where everyone has their own companion. Having good friends is one of life’s biggest blessings.

Tomorrow I need to pack everything. This time I have decided to ask Daughter to pack her own stuff. Let’s see how she does on that one. I have also told I not to bother about Thursday night’s dinner as I plan to cook and take it there. I has often told me that she loves and craves Indo-Chinese food which is an absolute favorite at our home too. It is also one of my specialities. So I plan to cook Mixed Fried Rice, Chilli Chicken and Garlic Prawn and then pack it in our big ice box. I hope they like it.

So two more days to go until the long weekend. It’s just Tuesday night and I’am so ready for the work week to be over. Hope you guys have a good week and a better weekend. See you next week.


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