Jinxed, or not !!!

Well last week I jinxed my happiness by being too excited about the trip to our friend’s house. But as somethings are meant to be, in our case not going was meant to be 😦 . Something unavoidable came up and we had to cancel going the night before we were supposed to leave. Needless to say we were all very disappointed. At one point I was on the phone with my friend and both the girls ( my Daughter and theirs ) were crying buckets and then some. We had to promise the girls that we would meet soon and make up for lost time. In addition, I had to promise Daughter of a fun time at home to calm her down.

Remember I had told that I would cook and take some Indo-Chinese food there. Well the chicken and the prawn sat marinated staring at me whenever I opened the fridge. So I knew, I had little choice but make it. By the time I was done making all the dishes, I had enough food to feed an army. Luckily I didn’t have to cook the entire weekend.

I had promised Daughter that she would have a fun time and I knew I was going to make sure she had one . Luckily we had our local Arts and Heritage Festival going on during that time. So we went there on the 4th(Friday). We all had an awesome time there. There is a decent kids activity area there with crafts, face painting, story time, bird shows and petting zoo to name a few. Daughter took her time exploring each. She also had a treat of Dipping Dots, which she absolutely loves. Each time we wanted to get out of the Kids Area, Daughter’s happy face did the trick and we stayed back some more 🙂 . After she had had enough of the fun there, we decided to spend some time in the main area. There was a lot of good food stalls and also a live band playing some great country music.

It was a beautiful day to be out. Trust me even in our neck of the woods, July can get really hot and humid and this year Daughter had a light jacket on. This festival happens in a park by a lake. We have been going there for the last 3 years and each year I came back home with a sun allergy. This year the gods were pretty merciful towards me 🙂 with temperature in the upper 60s and a constant balmy wind. If someone asked me about the perfect weather, this would be it.

Remaining weekend was a relaxing one with nothing much going on but a lot of quality time spent together as a family. We watched a lot of soccer. These days Daughter has also become an avid soccer fan. Her favorite team being Argentina and favorite player…..who else but Messi 🙂 .

The highlight of the weekend was that Daughter fixed a brunch for us. It was a simple egg salad sandwich. I just boiled and peeled the eggs and the rest she managed pretty well. It was simply yummylicious. She was pretty proud of herself. As for us we were amazed that how quickly time is flying. Wasn’t it just yesterday we used to feed her baby food?? Why is my little girl growing up sooo fast 😦

Even though we had a disappointing start with the trip being cancelled and all but in the end we had a good time. It’s already Wednesday night here. So two more days to go until another weekend.


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