A Little Effort

I think I’am starting to have a fetish for homemade treats. Especially when it comes to indulging Daughter. As I have mentioned before she is a very fussy eater. So much so that many of my friends who claimed that their children were way too fussy, now consider themselves lucky after seeing my Daughter. I have absolute zero trouble with her in almost everything but eating.

Trust me I have done everything. Tried to feed her with the idiot box on. Didn’t work. Switched it off thinking she would eat just to have it back on. That didn’t work either. But that was when she was little. Thought she would improve after starting her preschool. Probably eating with other kids would help. O No!!! Not my girl. As far as eating was concerned she didn’t care. Ice creams, cookies, candies, pizza…..she didn’t really care for anything much.

I read articles and followed all the ‘gyan’ that I laid my hands on. I bought all the fancy tableware I found. I tried to make the food look real pretty. Made flower/heart/u-name-it-I-made-it shaped mini sandwiches. But nothing really worked. Each time I took the extra effort and made something special, I was met with a girl who would say, ‘I like it mommy, but I don’t want anymore’. Mind you this would come right after the very first bite. Lunch/dinner time often felt like a battleground in our homes.

There came a point where her pediatrician was worried about her weight gain cause she didn’t gain any unlike her mom 😦 . But at each time her pediatrician reminded me that at least unlike other kids she didn’t stuff herself with junk. So in a strange way I was supposed to be lucky.

Most kids I know, love to eat out but that was not the case in our household till sometime back. Even now she prefers eating at home any day over restaurants. But at least now she tries. I have accepted that she is not a foodie and I’am fine. Infact I know in the long run that’s better. These days I don’t have to struggle with the fruits. Granted she has only banana and a rare slice of apple or melon. But I’am happy she eats a fruit daily.

I have also noticed she is intrinsically a healthy eater. She prefers tofu over paneer. She would much rather have freshly made juice over any store bought. She simply refuses pop. Not that we ever encourage her. But on occasions when she is offered a fruit punch or pop in a bday party she politely refuses. Someone once told me, she is a model kid. Where everyone is constantly monitoring their kids junk food intake, I have absolutely no concerns. So these days I’am trying to be easy. As long as she is healthy, I’am fine with how little she eats.

These days with summer at full bloom I’am trying to experiment and explore a little further. Now days instead of yelling or forcing her to eat something that she doesn’t like, I try to present her in a way I know she would like. Another thing that, in my experience has worked is setting up an example. When she sees us having fruits or anything for that matter, she is more open to trying it. Just preaching doesn’t get the desired result always.

Today for example was a hot day here and she wanted to go out for a milkshake. Instead of giving in or getting in for a major drama, I decided to rope her in my plans. I told her we would make a homemade strawberry milkshake for her and for us she could help in making a melon cooler. She was excited and game for it.

The result was all of us were happy. She loved her milkshake. I don’t have a problem with these indulgences since they are a win-win situation for us. This way I’am at least able to control everything that goes in the shake.

Even for us, I have noticed making stuffs at home from scratch gives me a high. The biggest satisfaction is I know what is in there. I just need to remember that the next time I want to order or go out for lunch/dinner 🙂 .

Strawberry Milkshake (right) and the Melon Cooler(left) 🙂


One thought on “A Little Effort

  1. There is a greater joy in making good tasty food at home. I am all for home food compared to eating out too 🙂 Kudos to your little efforts MTW, I am sure they will go a long way 🙂

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