Furniture Shopping

What a productive last few days we had. Just when we were giving up on deciding a sofa for the living room, we selected one. I had seen a sofa online a few months back which I had liked a lot. It was from Ashley Furniture. But the problem was the price was not given in the website. We didn’t want to go down there as it was a 50 mile one way trip. So unnecessarily hubby didn’t want to make a trip which could very well be a waste.

Saturday, we were at the mall shopping for my Bday clothes. Yes !!! I’am going to be another year older if not wiser this Wednesday 🙂 . Was really not liking anything much. So after a lot of looking I selected two tops for myself and a few for Daughter. I had already dismissed it as a bad shopping day. We were walking out of Macys and decided to look at some more stores. Just then Daughter announced she was hungry. We decided to come back later to the mall later after lunch. As we were walking outside the store, I asked her if she could wait for a few minutes so that we could take a quick look at the Macys furniture place. She agreed.

We walked in the store not really hoping to find anything. We were checking out some sofas when I spotted the beautiful formal dining set. It is a very simple, stylish, sleek, contemporary piece. In other words everything that we were looking for. For me I didn’t need to look anymore. It was not only everything I was looking for but much more.

To say both hubby and Daughter approved of my choice would be an understatement. They loved it. The sales person was busy with some other customer and we needed to check the price and also needed to know whether they could hold it till September. But for all that, we needed time and Daughter was super hungry. But she agreed to wait, if I let her use my iphone to play. Shamelessly I did. What can I say…. Desperate need calls for desperate measures :p .

While the person was attending the other customer, hubby and I checked all the measurements and specifications. So by the time he came to us we had already made up our mind. We asked him everything and in a few minutes sealed the deal. The icing on the cake was the set was originally listed at $2100 and we got it for $1000. Needless to say we were over the moon with this unbelievable deal.

To celebrate our shopping success we decided to go to our favorite Chinese Buffet. Going to a buffet when you are super hungry is probably not the best idea if you want to watch your weight. Anyway after a full meal of appetizers, main course and dessert, the last thing we wanted to do was come home and sleep. So I suggested hubby that why don’t we check out Ashley. Strangely this time he was game for it. Probably too much food made him lazy to argue 😉 .

It took us around 45 mins to drive down there. After the initial talk to the salesperson, he led us to where the more contemporary sofas were. We were happy that we drove there because not only was the service great but also we could see some furniture we liked. Again while Daughter and hubby were checking out some stuffs, I spotted the sofa that I had fallen in love with sometime back. It sat there more beautiful than the picture I had seen online. Once again they loved my choice. Again we got a decent deal. In no time I found us signing the paperwork.

It feels so good to finally get what we wanted. The best part of these furnitures are that they reflect our personal style so much. We love contemporary style as opposed to traditional. And that’s exactly what we got. There is still a lot to be done and a lot of stuffs still sit unchecked in the buying list. But I know everything will be done in good time. We just need to enjoy the journey.

Now I can’t wait to move in the new house and start making it our home.
I can’t wait to start building new memories with my two precious love bugs. As we are seeing it getting almost close to the finish line, we are getting so excited. I really can’t believe we are going to live in our very first own home.


2 thoughts on “Furniture Shopping

  1. Furniture shopping for the house is fun. We also got some furniture from Macys during the July 4th sales. I like their contemporary style too. Looking forward to see some pics of the house with new furniture

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