Happy Birthday To Me !!!

So yesterday was the big day. It was my birthday and no I’am not telling how old I’am. From the time I was little or as far as I can remember birthdays, be it mine or of a loved ones, are very special to me. I love the extra attention and being pampered. I love getting phone calls from all the near and dear ones. I love the sound of my buzzing phone just as the clock strikes midnight. I love the candles, the cake, the cards and the flowers.

This year was no different. The hubby and the Daughter made sure that I have a great day. They really went to a great length to make me feel special and so loved. They had been making secret plans for some days. It’s really cute to watch the father-daughter duo whispering in each other’s ears whenever they I think I’am not around 🙂 . I knew once again they were planning to bake a cake just like last time. These two are really getting better at it.

This year I had specifically asked hubby not to get me any gifts. With the constant shopping spree for the new house,I really didn’t want any big gifts. He still got me flowers 🙂 . And the other thing is we are going to Toronto for the weekend, to see the Niagara Falls from the Canada side. Also two of my most favorite uncles and their wives are coming to Toronto this weekend for business. Seeing them is going to be an added boon. That in itself is the best birthday gift I can get.

Anyway before I digress further let me come back to my day. Since it was in the middle of the week, nothing much could be done apart from going out for dinner. Initially we had planned to cut the cake after hubby was done with his work but later realized Daughter has gymnastics on Wednesday evenings. Yesterday was also going to be her first trial class for the next level. Normally the next level starts with 6 year olds. But they thought she was ready to go to the next level even though she is still 5. She really had fun with the older kids. Of course this level requires building skills, so it’s going to be a little challenging as well. But her instructor was full of praises.

After her class, we went on a drive. Came back and cut the cake. Had some yummy Thai takeout for dinner. All in all it was happy day with my two love bugs. At bedtime we took Daughter to bed with us which is becoming a rare privilege these days. She cuddled up to me and slobbered my face with kisses. After I showered her with some extra kisses, she held my face and said, “mommy happy birthday again…..you are the best mommy in the whole wide world and ours is the happiest home ever.” I was turned into mush. It was a perfect way to end the day. Like always I said a silent prayer before falling asleep and thanked the heavens for life’s simple pleasures.



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