Busy Busy Busy !!!

July has been one crazy month for us. And August will be crazier 🙂 to say the least. Infact so will September be. I think things will settle down a bit after mid September if all goes well. I have been meaning to write here quite a bit but most of my posts didn’t get a chance to see the light of day. In fact I started to write this sometime last week but just after a few lines was caught up in other things.

If all goes well we will get the keys of the new house on 29th. I dread to think what will happen if we don’t. The sheer thought makes me hyperventilate. We have already given our notice for the current apartment and booked the movers for the 30th. All the new furniture delivery is scheduled accordingly. So we will be in a soup, to say the least in case if all does not go well. But let’s keep our fingers crossed till then.

Daughter is starting kindergarten on the 25th. So we will be having only 4 days of inconvenience which is going to school from our current place. She is super excited about all the happenings and new beginnings. So are we. Hopefully August will see two big milestones of our lives.

The to-do list is endless. But there is a satisfaction and a level of excitement each time a thing is checked off. We visit the new home almost every other day to see the progress. While some days we are disappointed that things are not moving speedily enough, other days we are surprised at how much has been done in a day’s work. Daughter is already in love with her new room. To be fair, I should say she is equally enthusiastic about the whole house.

Most of the big furniture purchases are done. The only thing which we are struggling with is the appliances. OMG that is making us go in circles. That too most of the things are provided by the builders apart from the refrigerator and washer/dryer. Anyway we are losing on time, and we need to decide very soon if we want them to be delivered on time.

The packing is still not done. I know the week of 25th is going to be very crazy with my girl starting school and us getting ready to move. It’s going to be a time when Daughter might be a little too overwhelmed with new school and I hope to God that we are patient enough to deal with her even with all other things going at jet speed. It’s a time when ideally we should get our routine back but I know all the routines will go for a toss. The main thing that hubby and I are trying to strive for is give Daughter her routine and we work after putting her to bed. Right now everything looks so bleak and the road uphill. The nicest thing about it though, is that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. And that light is helping us get through.

So now you guys know what I have been doing. Apart from all this, I have been also working on something that is very very personal to me. It is something that I had been dreading for what seems forever. But I am now gradually inching closer to achieving it. It is a liberating feeling to conquer your fears. And this time I’am not giving up.

So wish me luck for the month that August is going to be. Hope you guys are less stressed and are having fun.


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