Kindergarten Here She Comes !!!

To my darling Princess,

The back packs are almost packed. The lunch bag sit on the counter to be packed in the morning. The school supplies are all bought. The pencils sharpened with pointy tips. Everything neatly marked and tagged. The crayons waiting to color your already colorful world.

The mails from the school are here announcing your assigned home room and teacher. The welcome to kindergarten letter sounded so warm. It made everything more real to me. Yet the mind does not rest. Just after each query is answered, a new set of questions arise. I know you are independent and can take care of almost all of your needs. I keep telling myself that your teacher is a very sweet person and school is going to be so much fun. As hard to believe as it may sound but you really do like to do daily assignments. Of course for that I give a lot of credit to the teachers and the system of education here since they make learning so much fun.

Even after knowing all this, it’s difficult for me to believe that you will be going to school for full day. It’s nearly impossible to grasp that you, my little birdie have grown enough to flap your wings and fly. May you always find the wind beneath your wings to help you soar high.

In two more weeks school starts. Already we have made numerous trips to the school for different activities. And I must say you feel very safe and happy there. And for that I shall forever be so thankful. The teachers and principal know most of the kids by their first names even before the school year has officially started. And to me that’s pretty impressive. Yesterday we had a Popsicle Party at your school. It was once again an organized opportunity for the parents to mingle amongst themselves as well as with the respective teachers. You guys had a blast playing. Already you didn’t want to come home. I must say my mind has also eased up a lot. A lot of my questions and concerns were answered yesterday. So yes I feel better already. As for you, you are already very enamored by your new teacher. You also told me the teacher you wanted is the one you got. So what more can I ask….

Anyway as you start this very important new journey, my only hope for you is that you put in your 100% most of the time if not all 🙂 and that you make a lot of friends and have fun. As I keep telling you, to enjoy what you do and then the rest will come easy. I hope your curious little mind never stops asking the million questions. I hope the love that you have for reading never ceases. The wonder in those bright big eyes forever sparkle. Be the kind and considerate girl you always are.

And always remember no matter what mommy and daddy will always be there for you. Love you (as you always say) up to the sky and beyond, princess.



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