Random Rambles

So our move has been delayed by a few days. How many?? We are not exactly sure yet. Anyway I have decided not to stress about it. Things over which I have no control, no use fretting about them. It’s going to be a challenge living with boxes around us. But I think we will survive and in the end it’s going to be well worth the wait.

The long summer break is over. Today was Daughter’s Kindergarten Orientation and tomorrow, it’s going to be the first full day of school. We have been reading ‘The Night Before Kindergarten’ for the last few nights. And in Daughter’s words, ‘today is actually the night before kindergarten’. I have done all the prep talk with Daughter. We have gone through the private parts and all the do’s and don’ts. Unlike some of my friends who feel uncomfortable talking about these things and thereby fool themselves into believing that ‘those stuffs’ are only meant to be read in newspaper, I believe in arming my Daughter with knowledge appropriate for a 5 year old. Of course like most of you, I too question whether I’am going overboard with information or am I stealing her innocence. Yet when I see her so full of innocence and so easily trusting, I sometimes shudder with fear. For her monsters exist in story books. Once when we were having one of ‘our talks’, she asked me “Mommy why would anyone want to hurt me, I’am just a kid and I’am not mean either.” I honestly didn’t know how to answer that and quickly changed the subject. Anyway I don’t want to discuss the harsh realities of the world today. While she sleeps peacefully in the next room dreaming of a colorful classroom and of shared lunch boxes, I silently send out a prayer to the Gods above to keep my little girl safe.

Well this weekend was pretty relaxing for a change. Initially our plan was to move next weekend, so we had done quite a lot of packing last week. Most of the donating and clutter-clearing is done. So this weekend we took it a little easy. We met a few of our new neighbors and they seemed to be pretty nice. The good thing in our new neighborhood is there are a lot of little girls. So Daughter is super excited about having friends next door. In fact we found out some of the kids who went to the same daycare also live in our street. I feel good coz that way she will have a lot of familiar faces when she rides the bus as well as in her class. She has always stood out in the class because she was the only Asian. But after 3 years of daycare here, she is now used to it. Although I won’t deny the fact that I wish there were some Indian kids around. But she is comfortable even though the rare question of skin color does shoot up sometime.

From tomorrow I’ll have lots of me-time. I have been cribbing about it to the husband. But in all honesty, I’am going to miss her like crazy. We will get into pattern and slowly get used to it but till then it’s going to be heart wrenching for me. I think I need to start thinking about what I’am going to do with all those extra time once Daughter settles down in school routine and we move and settle in the new house. Till then let me enjoy this ‘me-time’ without feeling guilty about it.

The other thing that needs to get right back on track is our healthy eating lifestyle. That has gone for a toss for sometime now. We have been eating out soooo much in the last few weeks. Generally we try to limit ourselves with once a week. But lately we have been eating out like there’s no tomorrow. Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner / Snack / Dessert – you name it and we have done it. There have been days where we ate out more than once. That too inspite of cooking at home. Some days I cooked but at the end of the day didn’t want to eat it. So lo and behold we ate out. But with starting school, all that has to change. Our routine is going to have to make a comeback.

Gosh !! That was a lot of rambling for one day. Don’t you think so ?? But since there is hardly any ‘you’ around, I can go on for now with my nonstop chatter-clatter.


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