Questions and Conversations

Some latest questions by Daughter that made me want to run for my life.

Scene 1
I’am lazing on the couch browsing the internet while Daughter is playing , with her toys all scattered around the floor. She keeps asking me some questions and I reply some lame answers.
Daughter: Mommy why is this toy ‘made in China’ ??

Me: Remember I told you how big companies try and get their things done in countries where the cost of making is much cheaper ….blah-blah-blah…. (Silently patting my back on how we can teach them little things whenever a chance arises)

Daughter: But why this toy mama??

Me: Honey!! Aren’t you listening ?? We bought that toy from Toys R Us (without looking).They get it made in China because that way they get it done with less money. (Hoping it’s the end of the discussion)

Daughter: This one can’t be ‘made in China’ !! It’s special…. It should be ‘Made in North Pole’…. Remember Santa gave me this dolly !!

Me: cursing myself for not being more attentive and trying to think of an answer 🙂


Scene 2
Getting Daughter ready for bed. She is fussing endlessly about not wanting to go to bed and asking me questions just so that she can sneak in some more time.

Daughter: Mommy why do I have to sleep by myself ??

Me: It’s a good habit. (Trying to keep it as simple)

Daughter: You keep telling me that. I still want to know why ??

Me: You know what, I slept by myself when I was little. All your friends do. And I thought you like to sleep by yourself like a big girl.

Daughter: I do. But sometimes I feel you guys are lucky. Daddy and you get to cuddle all night and I have nobody.

Me: You know you can come to our bed anytime at night. And we love having you in the middle. It’s just that kids should sleep by themselves. It’s a good habit !! Now go to sleep and don’t ask ‘why’ .
( I kiss her and dim the lights)

Daughter: But mommy, one last question…. Don’t be mad, ok ??

Me: Ok!! Shoot.

Daughter: Why do we need to make a good habit when we will break it??

Me: What do you mean?? ( ya I know I can be really dumb at times)

Daughter: Anyway once we are big we will sleep with a boy. So it doesn’t make sense to make a good habit.

Me: Good night !! ( hoping to figure an answer before the question arises again)


Scene 3
We were at the doctor’s office yesterday evening. This is a conversation she had with the nurse.

Nurse: So you are a big girl now !! Do you go to kindergarten ??

Daughter: Yes.

Nurse: Do you like school ??

Daughter: Yes I love school. It’s so much fun !!

Nurse: Do you have a boyfriend ??( she says this with a sheepish grin and I wanted to punch her for asking that to a 5 year old)

Daughter: No !! I’am too little. My teacher said we are all friends. No calling anyone girlfriend or boyfriend.

Nurse: Wow !! You are a smart girl… But you know what honey, boys are bad !! So be away from them. ( thank God she was leaving the room then, I honestly didn’t know what was wrong with her)

Daughter: Not all boys are bad !! My daddy is a boy and I love him. He is not bad. He is the best ever. ( the nurse left the room with a smile)


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