A New Beginning Ahead

8th June, 2009 we had walked into this apartment with 6 suitcases and hearts full of dreams. We had a 7 month old baby in our arms. This was not our first choice when it came to choosing our apartment. But with limited choice in our small town, we thought we could make do till some other place was available. For the first two years each time our lease was about to be up, we searched for a place with a little more space and which met our needs. But each time it went in vain !! Every year we cribbed and cried about the lack of extra space and yearned for a luxurious living. We were ready to pay but nothing was available. Once I got so frustrated, I told hubby that either we would change location or move to our own home from here. I was done with looking for apartments. And that’s exactly what happened. We are moving to our new house at last !!

Even though this apartment will never be in our list of the best places we have stayed, but it will always be one of the most special ones. This is where Daughter took her first step. Each and every wall has a story to share about her first 5 years. This apartment gave us the stability we were looking for. From our nomadic life style, a straight 5 year in one apartment is a big thing for us. Because before this, our longest in one apartment is 2 years 🙂 .

We have been packing a lot today and I’am dead tired. I just wanted to share this piece of news with you guys. Tomorrow is a big day for us. We complete 13.5 years of marital bliss and we will also close our home tomorrow (sign the paperwork and get the keys). We have always celebrated our 6 month anniversary and this couldn’t be any better eve though it is sheer coincidence.

A new chapter is waiting to start in our lives. I can’t wait to start making memories with the two love of my life.


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