Birthday Letter !!

To My Beautiful Darling Daughter,

I can still recall everything so vividly that it makes me feel it was yesterday when a bundle was handed to me. Yet when I hugged and kissed you today, there stood a big six year old. Can I say that the last six years passed in a blink of an eye …. Nope !! I have enough greys to prove that along with the seemingly smooth sailing days, there were also some not-so-smooth days as well. Well what is parenthood without some greys !! But having said that, I must also confess that you have been a very low maintenance child. You have mostly been a perfectly little angelic child with no terrible-twos or temper tantrums. As far as I can remember there have never been any complaints regarding you. Only praises 🙂 !!

Today on the eve of your birthday, when I sit to write this letter, I can see what an amazing little lady you are growing up to be. You are a lovely little girl. You are smart and confident. You are extremely social yet sometimes you get a little shy. You want everybody to be your friend. Whenever you see one of your friends lonely, you always go and try to play with that friend. And when someone refuses to play with you, it makes you sad.

You love to sing and dance like most little girls. I must say you are also blessed with a beautiful voice. I love to hear you sing when you think no one is watching. You are like a fluttering little butterfly so full of energy ready to rock the world.

All your teachers love you. You are extremely well mannered for your age. You almost never forget the ‘golden words’ ( sorry, please, thank you). So far I have always had your teachers beaming over you. You have always been way ahead of your class. Your reading is something that amazes everyone who hears you read for the first time. It’s only when they hear you read they understand I’am not kidding when I say you can read just like any of us. I hope books always remain your best friend and you remain an avid reader forever.

Just like you are a beautiful girl outside, your inside is as beautiful. This year, when we went to India, you were surprised at the concept of house helps/maids. You have forever seen that each one cleans after them selves. To you it’s quite normal that your mommy/daddy does the house work. In India when you saw someone else doing dishes and doing the laundry, it made you sad. I hope you are always sensitive to other people’s problems.

I want to write so much more but I’am so overwhelmed with emotions that the rightful words seem to have deserted me. I can’t believe my little girl is not so little anymore. I want you to know not just today but everyday, that no matter what your daddy and I love you. I know you think that we are super heroes who can solve all your problems and can take care of all your worries. I’am glad that so far we have been able to put your little mind at rest but I also know that it won’t be for very long now. As you step into the real world
I know the problems will change in shape and magnitude, I hope you will be able to stand up for yourself. But always remember we are right here if you need us.

I remember the day you were born, I was so taken by your perfection. I was so possessive and had difficulty sharing you. I always wanted you wrapped in my arms. There was a fierce need to protect you. I felt just like the proverbial cancerian with tenacious claws ready to pounce on any eminent danger.

I love you my beautiful baby girl !!! You have brought a new meaning to our lives. It is because of you, I have learnt to give unselfishly. I have learnt to be patient. It is because of you, I now know how it feels to be a mommy. You are my biggest blessing. Don’t grow up so fast, sweetie !!! Happy Birthday Honey…. Many Many Many Happy Returns of the Day !!!

Love you forever,


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