Halloween And Other Fun Stuff

Life has suddenly taken a jet speed…. So many things are happening and I’am not getting enough time to record it. I can’t believe we are at the end of October. I love this time of the year. The weather is still good most days even though the nights and mornings are getting really chilly. We are taking advantage of the good weather till we can.

We have been having back-to-back housewarming parties. Then last weekend was Daughter’s birthday party. We had booked a nearby place. They took care of everything. We only had to reach there on time with a cake and return gifts 🙂 . That was pretty easy. Even though I would love hosting her parties at home but the hubby is not too fond of entertaining 25+ kids at home. And I have to admit doing the party outside really takes all the burden off the shoulders. Especially this year when our plates are already too full !! So I made a deal that till the time she invites her whole class and the neighborhood kids we can do it at some kids party place. Once she starts inviting just some of her close friends, we can do it at home. Till then we can do it hubby’s way. Daughter and her friends had loads of fun playing in their indoor play area. They played some miniature golf and also did a train ride. So all in all a fun time was had by one and all.

Hubby has also been super busy with his office work. We hardly get some quality time together. Inspite of him working from home quite a bit, we hardly get time to talk these days. He works and I go about doing my daily chores – cooking, cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping. The whole nine yards. Once Daughter gets back home, the craziness multiplies. Generally she gets home around 4 and by 8:30 she is in bed. In those 4.5 hours, we have snack,homework, playtime, activity on two days, dinner, bath and story time. Trust me they are crazy rush hour time for us. Previously after putting Daughter to bed the hubby and I would sit together and relax. But nowadays mostly he is working or we are too exhausted.

But amidst the present chaotic life, we try to do things together. Like last weekend, on Sunday we went to a pumpkin patch. Hubby and Daughter picked two pumpkins and then we carved it. It was good family fun time. Daughter carved a smiley face pumpkin and the hubby did a ghost 🙂 . It was fun to light it and watch after darkness fell over.

IMG_1463-3.PNGThe pumpkin carved by Daughter!!

IMG_1467-0.JPGThe pumpkin carved by the hubby 🙂 !!

Most of the houses have such wonderful Halloween or fall decorations. We’ve also put up some but I guess we need to buy some more next year. I don’t know this time of the year makes me so happy. The fall decorations are out everywhere and very soon there will be the Christmas decorations. Already some of the stores have their Christmas tree out and decorated. It’s just such a happy and festive time. Then there are so many holidays to look forward to.
Tomorrow is Halloween and for a change Daughter has decided to be a Tutu Devil. We already did Trick or Treating once at the mall last week. Tomorrow she has a Halloween parade at school and then we have a community trick or treating.

Anyway lots of fun things to look forward to and amidst all busy weeks and weekends, I intend to be regular here as well. I need to stop here today and head out the door to pick up Daughter and then she has swimming. After that we need to get treats for the trick or treaters. Phew!! It’s gonna be a long evening.Happy Halloween to all of you!!

Bye Bye !! See you guys soon !!


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