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Counting My Blessings #3

I have had a lot to be thankful for in the last few months. But I have been way too busy/lazy to document them. To be fair on myself I must acknowledge that actually I have been busy rather than lazy with hosting way too many parties. A lot of our friends came to our house for the weekend in the last two months. They would arrive by Friday evening and leave right after Sunday brunch/lunch. And if that was not enough every kid in Daughter’s class seem to be having their birthday parties on Sunday afternoons. So right after they would leave, you would find us pulling out of our driveway. Hubby and I took turns in escorting her to these parties. You know it’s no fun going to a party of 6 year olds running and creating havoc especially when you are sleep deprived and tired. So most of the times we would pop a pill and drive Daughter to wherever her party was and paste a smile on our face and make small talk. But hey, whose complaining as long as our Princess has some fun !!! Even after all the chaos and tiredness I feel so blessed when I see Daughter so happy amongst her friends.

Friday, Daughter’s school had a holiday. Hubby also took off from work after lunch. It felt so refreshing to spend some good time together without having to run from one errand to another. We went out for a late lunch to our favorite restaurant, and after that pretty much drove around for sometime. In the evening, it was her school’s fundraising event at Chuck E Cheese. So we went there and spent over an hour playing games. All in all it was a relaxing fun day. A day without checklists are getting so rare these days.

Last week we also had Daughter’s first Parent-Teacher Conference. It was a joy to say the least. Her teacher is a wonderful person.There are some people, you can instinctively feel that their job is much more to them. They are so passionate about what they do. I don’t know how much these teachers are paid but the job that they do is so admirable. She was so full of praises about Daughter. And that is something, as a parent you are never tired of hearing 🙂 . She also gave me a lot of higher level bonus material to work on with Daughter at home. I’am honestly so blessed to have her as my Daughter’s kindergarten teacher.

The other thing that has made me very happy is some of the gifts that we received during our housewarming parties. Most of the people who know me knows that I am not a very materialistic person. I like giving more than receiving. But this time for a change I have been very happy being on the receiving end of the gift exchange. What really made me feel so loved is the amount of thought our friends gave when they chose our gifts. While some remembered ‘certain somethings’ I liked when we were shopping together others really looked for something very unique. Hubby’s colleagues gave us a 5 burner outdoor gas grill. They thought that was something we would love. I was overjoyed because it was something on our buying list but to be honest we thought we would buy it next year since the good outdoor grills are pretty expensive. So you can very well imagine our happiness. In fact one of his colleague’s wife had brought in some food in her fine china platters. When they were leaving I offered to wash the platters and pack it, she held my hand and told me it was not necessary since those platters were for me. On seeing that I was confused, she added that it’s what she does for her family. It’s their family tradition to give something that belongs to them to someone who moves in their new homes to bring the new home owners good luck. I was so touched by her gesture. I feel so blessed to have such friends in our lives.

Remember I had spoken about my fear. I want to say that I have come a very long way from where I was a couple of months ago. I really feel proud of myself for putting myself out of my comfort zone. For sticking to my ground and reaching my goal albeit by taking little steps. With every step that I take outside my comfort zone I can feel my confidence growing. It’s an amazing feeling. I feel so blessed to find myself at a spot I never thought I could reach by sheer determination.

The other thing that has made me really happy is getting back to our old routine in terms of healthy eating and rest. I’am so happy now that after almost 2 months in this new home, we are atlast falling in the routine. First one month was crazy, now that everything is in it’s rightful place everything is much more smooth flowing. It makes me happy and in general perks me up when all of us are well rested. Especially when I know that Daughter has got her 10 hours of undisturbed sleep. And also I’am getting better at packing good lunch and snack for school. Overall I’am cooking much more wholesome and healthy meals.

In other news, Daughter was given a reading award from her school. They are doing a reading program at school where each one is given a calendar and asked to color the days where they read atleast 20 minutes. They are going to do this for the next six months. Their target is to aim to read for atleast 20 minutes each day for atleast 20 days in a month. Her first month she read much more than 20 minutes and of course on all the 31 days. She was awarded with a Pizza Hut gift certificate and her name was announced during assembly. It was a very proud moment for her. We are already in the second month and all the days are colored 🙂 .

So all in all, everything has been going good. I’am very excited about the coming days. We are going to NJ for a big thanksgiving get together. It’s gonna be a fun time with lots of friends, lots of food and lots of booze 😀 . After that we are planning to go to Florida during the Christmas break with another friend of ours. So hopefully a lot of festive cheer is heading our way. We just need to be in good health and good spirit.

How have you guys been ??