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Day 31 – Good Job To All Of Us !!

Yay !!! Seriously 31 days over and I successfully completed my second Blogathon. Can you believe it I’am ending my Blogathon 2015 with my 100th post. Yes couple of days I realized this fact and was super excited. I wanted to share this fact with you guys but checked myself in time. Yes I wanted to end in style and of course the fodder always helps ๐Ÿ™‚ .

I was very excited when Seema got in touch with me about doing the Blogathon. I was more than happy to hop in the bandwagon. After all last year I had a lot of fun and didn’t want to miss this one either. So thank you Seema !!!

This time I came across a lot of new blogs and enjoyed getting a daily dose of blog posts from my favorite bloggers. And also I got a lot of positive response in my posts. Who doesn’t like that, huh ?? I tried my best in commenting on the blog posts I read. There were times I felt overwhelmed because of house guests or plain and simple due to a crappy day. But I lived through all of it with a few scheduled post and a few picture post.

I would love to do another challenge this year and get into more blogging on a regular basis. If I can do straight 31 posts then at least I can aim for 10 posts a month. I will probably be off WordPress for a few days and then start boring you guys with stories of my little world.

So once again Yay for all of us. Keep writing guys !!


Day 30 – Man Proposes and God Disposes

So yesterday the hubby surprised me by taking today off. Yes right after work, he told me he has taken Friday off and after we drop Daughter to school we can have a day just to ourselves. I was ecstatic !! After all I have been complaining that he only has time for his Daughter and does not give me enough time.

So the plan was for a change we would drop her to school instead of putting her on the bus. Then we would go out for a coffee and later watch a movie followed by lunch. Again we would pick Daughter from school to surprise her. So both of us were pretty thrilled at the prospect of a ‘date’.

But it seems all hell broke loose at night at hubby’s office. So the poor guy had to end up working the whole night. Inspite of that he still has hopes on the ‘date’. But once again due to bad weather Daughter’s school had a 2 hour delay. So the plan of going to our favorite coffee shop went for a toss. And to make things worse with things going crazy and too many escalations it became apparent that taking a day off was not in the cards today.

He just decided to take a couple of hours break. We dropped Daughter to school as promised and from there went for an early lunch at Longhorn Steakhouse. The food was awesome. Even though it was nice that at least we were able to have the lunch date but it would have been great if the day went according to the original plan. But the silver lining is he has promised to take a day off and do the things like we planned as soon as he can ๐Ÿ™‚ .

Can’t believe we are almost at the end of the Blogathon. Yay !! For all of us.

Day 29 – Joys of being a picky-eater’s mom

I always crib that my Daughter doesn’t eat. And if you see her you will no doubt understand my worries. My friends who would claim their children don’t eat feel ashamed when they see her eat. Some have almost visibly been relieved that there are more picky and small eaters than their kids. Yes she not only is a picky eater but also is a child with little or no appetite. So now you can very well understand my premature greys.

But today’s post is not about that. So instead of fretting over the fact that she doesn’t eat and does not like food in general, I’ll try to point out some blessings that come along if you are a mom of a picky or small eater. Trust me these are the points which will help you keep the decibel level down and help you not turn the dinner table a living battlefield. So here is the list that I have come up with:

#1) The child does not eat !!! Yes with the misery, comes also the satisfaction that since she doesn’t eat the good things, she doesn’t eat the bad aka junk either. I’m exasperated when she claims she is full after 4 grapes but I feel pride when she declines the second cookie.
#2) This child of mine will not even take a sip from a juice box. While I know freshly squeezed homemade juices are the best but on those rare occasions if we are going out for the day when carrying a juice box is so much easier, she will plain and simple decline. While this habit of hers really makes me mad but when I see her sipping water at a party when all her friends have tall glasses full of pop loaded with sugar and caffeine, I heave a sigh of relief.
#3) Its because of her our eating out has seen a downward curve. Just because she hardly likes to eats out. Till a few years back, she would cry at the prospect of eating out.These days, she knows we need to eat everything and should not be turning our nose at food. So nowadays when we eat out, she gets by nibbling on something or the other. And I’am not complaining. And of course less eating out means our budget in under control ๐Ÿ˜€
#4) These kids generally (atleast from my little experience) grow up to be healthy eaters. Just like I said for Daughter eating is a chore she needs to do to keep us happy. So if you fill their brains with info on health and fitness, they most often make good choices because they are not a foodie anyway.
#5) Just because they eat little, even in case of junk their portions are under control. So you need not fret over over eating.
#6) Not eating too much of anything means not too much candy or any kind of sweet treats. And of course that means the dentist is happy.

It’s good I have come up with this list and now all I need to do is look at it and try to be thankful on those days when we are having a ‘bad eating day’. Or better still make a refrigerator copy of this. Ok off I go to print this ๐Ÿ™‚ .

Day 28 – Just Another Day

It’s one of those days when the mind is too full, the body is just tired of doing endless household chores and to top it off I had to make a mid week trip to the mall. I have been yelling at the Daughter for no apparent reason and biting the husband’s head off at a slightest question.

Anyway to get out of this bad mood, I decided to cook. Even though I didn’t have the energy nor the motivation to do something elaborate, I decided to use the salmon that I had marinated for a midweek meal. So in almost half an hour I decided to whip up a quick meal. Salmon and vegetable stir fried rice.

Daughter is in bed now, and I quickly tiptoed up to her. She was already in snooze land and I pulled her covers and kissed her. She opened her eyes and mumbled ‘Love you mommy’. I wanted to kick myself for my behavior. The hubby told me it’s gonna be ok when he looked at me. Sometimes all we need is a reassurance to put an end to the endless worries. With my two loves happy, I feel better too. So right now all is well in our little world.

Leaving you guys with a pic of our quick fix dinner.


Day 27 – The Big Surprise !!!

This post was an incomplete draft since last July when we went to Toronto. When do you think these incomplete drafts get the complete status and thus see the light of day ๐Ÿ™‚ . Yep it’s during the Blogathon when the mind is tired of churning senseless thoughts into a somewhat sensible post. Atleast that’s what I hope it is ๐Ÿ™‚ . So without much adieu let me take you to July 2014.
Last weekend was the big Toronto surprise which we were planning since February. We were supposed to leave on Saturday morning and come back Sunday evening. We didn’t tell Daughter that we would be meeting some of our very close relatives whom she absolutely loves. They were at Toronto with their family for a business meet and thus we thought we could take advantage of it as Toronto is just a 5 hour drive. We had planned on this surprise for quite some time. And luckily none of us had spilled the beans on her. It was a difficult task as all the extended family not only knew about it but were pretty excited about this ‘surprise’.

To give you an insight to the family members I was meeting, let’s say that they are the reason I sleep peacefully knowing that if my mom needs anything they are there for her. Being an only child and living in a different country oceans apart is not very easy,especially after the loss of one parent. They have been there for me through thick and thin. These are the people that make me believe in the unity of family. To write about them in one paragraph is doing not only injustice to them but to the great bond that we share. And what makes me real happy is that both the hubby and Daughter love them very much and have a strong bond with them. So I knew that Daughter would be real happy to see them.

Anyway as I said our plan was to start early Saturday morning, so we had plans to go to bed a little early on Friday night. But whoever said life goes according to plans especially with kids involved ๐Ÿ™‚ ?? We put Daughter to bed around 8:30 and hoped we could hit the sack by 10. I had left the packing for the night knowing it would just be for an overnight trip. Just when we were done with packing and hoped to put our feet up, I heard Daughter in the monitor. I went to check on her and she complained of a ‘weird feeling’ in her throat. That was enough to ring warning bells in my mind. So we quickly took her to the bathroom and lo and behold, out came all the remnants of her dinner. After everything was taken care of she finally drifted off to sleep. We slept with a worried mind and our excitement was a little dampened.

The next morning was a rainy one. Daughter was up happy and cheerful . So our minds were put to ease once again as she seemed her usual chirpy self. We were able to stick to the plan and leave home by 9. The journey itself was uneventful. There was a constant pitter-patter rain throughout the route. Since this route is not a busy one, we were able to maintain a decent speed. Daughter like always loves taking advantage of these long road trips. She makes sure she gets a lot of screen time knowing she can get away with it. We generally don’t fuss during the long car drives as that way she is happy watching some Disney/Barbie movie and the hubby and I get some time to talk in peace. After all none of us want to deal with a grumpy child during a long road trip. But to be fair on her, she is generally a trooper and pretty much keeps herself busy with story books, activity books or something from her little travel backpack.

Like I said earlier the journey itself was uneventful but the border crossing proved to be a pain since the traffic on Peace Bridge was horrendous. We almost had to wait 1 hour to cross the border and that too after doing our research which said to use Peace Bridge as it’s the one with lesser traffic during peak weekend hours. What a disappointment that was !!!

We had told Daughter that we were going to meet a couple of our friends in a hotel. She started bombarding us with questions like whether they had kids her age and how long we planned to stay there and since when do we know them and are they visiting from India and such. Yes she can be pretty curious. We tried to hide our excitement and hoped to disappointed her by saying there would be only grown ups (which was the truth) and she would have to be patient and probably would have to read a book. Daughter being a very people friendly person (very unlike her parents) was excited to meet our ‘friends’ with or without kids ๐Ÿ˜€ .

Anyway soon we were at their hotel and parked our car. I was constantly texting them about when we would reach and meeting us at the lobby. So we walked in the hotel. There was a big conference going on ( which my uncles were a part of) that week so the hotel was completely packed with Indians. I was scanning the faces in the crowd for those familiar ones. Soon I saw two of my uncles come out of one of the elevators. Daughter had still not seen them. I took her hand and started to walk towards them, and that’s when she spotted them. All our planning and talking in hushed tones were worthwhile just for that expression. It was confusion, wonder, amazement, astonishment and happiness. In a fraction of a second I saw all those in her eyes. She was literally dumbstruck to say the least !! My little chatterbox could not speak for a good 2 minutes. And after that all she could say was, ‘ Did you guys plan this ?? This is the best surprise of my life !! It’s better than waking up on Christmas morning !!’

After that she was literally jumping with joy. We went up to their room where the remaining group was waiting for us her. There were soon rounds of hugs and kisses and getting almost a suitcase full of gifts. It was such a happy day. And honestly that day Daughter didn’t care for the gifts, she just wanted to be with them and be showered with love and attention which of course she got plenty of.

Like I have always said, I love giving people surprises. But this one beats all of my other efforts. I can never forget her look when she first spotted my uncle. Till date she tells me that it’s her best surprise. She often wishes to get more such surprises where she would meet the extended family. But if only it was that simple to get people from India to the US just so that we could surprise our Princess.

Day 26 – Muddled Thoughts #2

It’s been a long cold snowy day at our end. The day once again started with a call from the school announcing a 2 hour delay. I was actually hoping for a snow day considering the amount of snow accumulation we got last night. But sadly no such luck !!

During lunch the hubby and I took the car to a collision center and got our estimates for the repair. Thank goodness it’s drivable. I tell you at times like this we are so grateful for small mercies. But the drive to the shop itself was once again giving me chills. Even though the main roads were clear and salted the back roads were left unattended and the drive was pretty treacherous.

I took complete rest after lunch as sleep has been evading me the past couple of nights. I had a bad headache and was almost feeling dizzy. So the hubby thought I should just lay back and relax for the day. We ordered some good Chinese food a little earlier as all the neighborhood restaurants are going to close up early in preparation of the snow storm that’s heading our way. That only means more snow to shovel from our driveway !!

In other news, yesterday was Saraswati Puja and like always we did a little puja at home. Daughter loves this puja since we generally keep all her books, pencil box and notebooks in the prayer room. And that means no extra homework from mommy ๐Ÿ™‚ . I have asked her a dozen times to get the books out but if left on her, I think the books will stay there till next year. But who am I kidding I was just like her during my school/college days.

Anyway that’s about all that’s going on in our small world right now. And I want to thank each one of you who took time to comment and mail me after hearing about our accident. It really means a lot. You guys are what that makes the blogging journey so beautiful. Thanks for hearing me.

Day 25 – Highlights of a quiet home…..

It seems last Friday saw it all. Extreme highs and rock-bottom lows. It’s sometimes a wonder how in a day we see it all. The day started beautifully and it went along so good almost till the end. All hell broke loose when we were coming back from a friend’s place. I don’t want to get in the gory details. Suffice it to say it’s still giving me chills but we are all fine and that’s what matters.

Anyway this weekend was a quiet one. Not the perfect peaceful quietness though. But Daughter sensing our mood has been such an angel. She blames the snow for everything and tells us stuff like ‘it’s fine’, ‘don’t worry’ and endless such stuff to make us feel better. But on this rare occasion nothing seems to work. Looking at that innocent face trying to make us feel better when it’s us who should be protecting her, sends me on endless guilt trips. Even though I know I did everything I could but the sad truth is I failed !!! And failure leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. I have been an emotional wreck the last two days.

In the breakfast table, when I heard Daughter say she hates snow, I knew I had to stop wallowing in self pity. Because while there can be a scary side of snow there is also a beautiful side. I didn’t want her to hate snow due to a little scary incident and miss the fun parts. So after we were done with breakfast, I sent her out in the yard to play with snow. Something that she absolutely loves. In no time the fear vanished and much to my relief I found her making a snowman. Later the hubby went and joined her and soon I could hear laughter and the missing life in our household returned. She came back with sparkly eyes and a happy face.

In the evening while I was struggling to come up with a post for today, she came up with the idea of writing a post for me. I was very happy with her idea. Since she was having her banana at the time, she decided to tell me. And once again surprised me by making a little rhyme. I quickly wrote it in the fear she might forget in a few minutes. Needless to say, the hubby and I smiled after what felt like ages.

2015/01/img_1692.pngThe little rhyme by darling Daughter !!

2015/01/img_1693-0.png Smiling with her pretty snow-woman!!!

Day 24 – A Narrow Escape

We were in a bad car accident few hours back !! Things could have been really bad but luckily none of us are hurt…..I’am shaken…. While the hubby and Daughter sleep I’am still trembling…..once again I saw the unpredictable nature of life…. How in a fleeting second everything changes… We really had a very narrow escape…. I just want to thank god today for watching out for us and keeping us safe.

It’s 2:15 a.m. and I’am waiting for daylight… Daylight sometimes takes away the fear…. My trembling is getting uncontrollable and each time I close my eyes, the scene keeps replaying in my head…… Even though I don’t want to but I can’t help and think what could have happened….

I know I’am blabbering but I thought writing it out might make me feel better.

Day 23 – Love Is In The Air !!!

I don’t know why but today I feel so much in love. It’s almost like a teenager-in-love feeling. Before you go crazy thinking I’am having an extra marital affair, let me assure you the feeling is purely for my two love bugs, the hubby and my Daughter. I don’t know it’s sudden surge of love that I’am feeling since yesterday.

If you want a little insight to our relationship, it’s the typical hand holding, kissing a hundred-times-a-day, millions of ‘I love you’ type. Ya go ahead call us cheesy!! Even with Daughter we are the same. I love sticking little cute notes in her lunch bag. Putting a little surprise gift or candy under the pillow or just bombarding her with a kissing spree for no apparent reason. She is our little princess and isn’t that reason enough. So that’s how we generally are.

But lately I have found that even with hubby working from home at least 3 days a week, we don’t get a chance to talk to each other apart from the regular mundane stuff. Even with Daughter in bed by 8:45, our *** life has gone down the drain. Probably it’s work pressure, responsibility, our own set of worries. But one thing I was very sure, this is not how I want things to be. Even though I know he loves me and he knows I love him but for me there has to be more than that. There has to be passion and excitement. Yes weird but that’s how I’am and that’s how things have always been with us.

Yesterday, after Daughter was in bed we were talking about our day and having a glass of wine. He was sitting next to me and I had my legs casually draped around his. Boom !! In no time I found the mercury rising in the room. As much as we would love to make love in the living room floor but we quickly hurried to the bedroom, since its a luxury that’s lost. For some reason I was sooo happy today morning. Alright I know the reason ๐Ÿ˜‰ !! But isn’t a dose of passionate love making the biggest stress buster ??

Today while I was out shopping, I found some silly stuff. I picked them up for Daughter knowing her penchant for stationary and Frozen stuff. And I picked up a card for hubby. He was working from home today. So we had our lunch together. While he was at the table, I had carefully placed the card on his desk. He was really surprised and so happy. And now we are really behaving like two love struck teenagers!!!

It’s like Valentine’s Day at our house today !! Which brings me to my point, we don’t need a lot of expensive gifts or a special day to celebrate love. If you love someone, go ahead show it, don’t wait for a particular day. Don’t be shy to show your feelings. And don’t let responsibility or work or mortgage or stress make you forget to enjoy little moments with your precious ones.

2015/01/img_1681.png A little something ๐Ÿ™‚

2015/01/img_1682.png Waiting for your highness.

P.S. I wish I could record the squeal of delight at the mere sight on the bed. The gift was under $10 but the happiness in her eyes, priceless.

Day 22 – From a distance ….

Do you like looking at faraway lights and imagining stories ?? On a road trip, do you like to watch little houses after darkness falls and imagine who lives there and what kind of lives they lead. I do !! I love to look at houses after the sun has set, the soft warm glow of the lamps that come from inside. It somehow makes me think of happy thoughts.

To me each house has a story, a story scripted by me. Of course the romantic in me gives them all a happy story. This habit of mine had started in my childhood years. Whenever we would make an overnight train journey, I would wait for darkness. While no one really understood my fascination for staring out at dark, long stretches of road, I enjoyed those hours of staring in oblivion and the mind doing it’s magic.

I still remember some of the sights; a mother plaiting her little girl’s hair would make me think of a conversation they might be having. Then there would be endless huts right next to the railway tracks. It was so close, there were times I could see the women cutting vegetables or cooking. These were places without electricity and they would be going about their lives in the light of a kerosene lamp. The soft glow of the lamp somehow made those huts look so pretty. I often felt they associated a train with a time. For my childish mind, their lives seemed pretty adventurous.

Then there would be dimly lit faraway houses. Depending upon the time I would imagine what the occupants of the house were doing. If it was late in the evening, I would think of a typical day where the kid is wrapping up her homework, the mom would be trying to get the dinner ready and the dad after a tiring day at work would be sitting with a newspaper in front of a tv smoking cigarettes.

That was then. But the story has really not changed much for me. My mind still has a vivid imagination and still likes to weave a story whenever opportunity arrives. But sometimes the innocence and romanticism seems to delude me and in its place comes the cynicism. Like the other day, when I saw an old couple sitting in their front porch on a swing. It was obvious they were lost in each other. They looked so much in love. Looking at them, I smiled !! Just then an evil voice said from the back of my mind, maybe they are newly married after going through 100s of ’till death do us apart’.