Day 1 – Blogathon 2015 starts !!!


Today I want to start the Blogathon 2015 by wishing you and your family A Very Happy New Year !!! May joy, good health and happiness remain by your side always !!! May you be blessed with all good things your heart desires.

As for me, I always start my new year with a prayer to the almighty to give me all the strength to face whatever this year has in store for me. To help me be a better person. I also want to thank him for a fabulous 2014. The year had really been very generous to us. I hope 2015 is also packed with a lot of goodies for each of us !!!

I also want to take this opportunity to thank the wonderful Seema for inviting me to join this tradition.
It feels so good to hop in the bandwagon with the rest of you. Its almost like a virtual reunion of sorts. Even though I know how challenging it gets, I wanted to give a shot and see whether I can survive another month of straight 31 posts. So raising a toast to all of us who are participating and to those of you who will be reading.

See you guys tomorrow !!!


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