Day 2 – Resolutions or Promises !!!

When we were in school, I remember every new year was marked with friends calling each other and asking about new year’s resolution. It was good fun to discuss each of our resolutions. But now that I think about it, I don’t recall us talking about our resolutions after the initial few days. Even though the resolutions were made with full honesty but very little effort was taken to keep them atleast as far as me and my friends were concerned. Anyway long gone are the school days and along with it gone are the thoughts of resolutions. But these days once again I make little promises or goals and I also make it a point to revisit them every now and then. Even though it might sound silly, but trust me calling them promises instead of resolutions help me keep them 🙂 .To me resolutions are like things I need to do inspite of not liking them. But to the same list, when I put the word promise, it becomes a list of things that needs to be done for a better/happier/healthier me. Call me crazy but calling resolutions promises does seem to do the trick for me 🙂 .As long as it continues to do the trick, ‘Promises’ it is.

Just like last year, I set myself some small goals or should I say made some promises on areas I wanted to focus on. I must say I’am pretty impressed with my progress. As far as the list goes, I can honestly say I have consciously tried to focus on all the areas. The highlight of that list definitely is thinking before I speak. There have been more days I really deserved a pat on my back rather than a kick on the butt 😀 for dealing with situations the way I did. I think my parenting style has also seen some very positive changes. I think I have matured a little more as a person the last year.

The other positive thing that I did for myself is putting myself out of my comfort zone. Oh Yes !! That has worked wonders for my confidence. There were times when I wanted to get back to my comfort zone and forget about everything but taking little steps and pushing myself further and further really did help. So today when I say, the only thing that is standing in between you and your dream is you, I really believe that. You just have to stay focussed and not give up. That is one promise I make myself again, I will continue to put myself out of my comfort zone. I will continue to challenge myself without being afraid of failing.

As for the micro parenting goes, I think I need to really work on that. I need to trust my Daughter’s judgement and accept it that I cannot protect her from everything. As hard as it is to let them fly on their own but I think I need to stop myself from hovering over her head. Few days back a friend of mine told me, ” if we catch a fish for them, they survive one day. But if we teach them fishing, they survive a lifetime.” It really rang a bell and stuck with me. I plan on following that from now on.

The next goal for me is getting back to daily exercise. That’s something I have been procrastinating forever. But hopefully not anymore. I have been taking my health way to carelessly. I’am seeing some warning signs and hopefully I will take control of my health. One good thing that we have already started is eating healthy, so all I have to do is club some daily exercise in it.

Last but not the least is continue to count my blessings. It’s such an easy way to stay happy, positive and thankful. So more or less my goals are still the same. I just need to focus and keep going. So once again, here’s to a happy and healthy 2015 !!!


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