Day 3 – Books and Reading

We went to the library after what seems like ages today. It feels so good to come home with an arm loaded with books. In fact today for a change the three of us went and picked books to our hearts content. I almost do everything on the phone these days but reading is something I still prefer if it’s a book. Flicking through the pages of a paperback is still one of my go-to-stress busters.

I tried audio books for sometime but to be very honest, I hated it with all my heart. It failed to connect me to the characters like the book does. Even though over the years my reading habit has somewhat taken a backseat but still a trip to the library can make me feel like a girl let loose in a candy store. It still thrills me to walk from aisle to aisle in search of the perfect book. Of course being able to take as many books as I want has it’s downsides too. It just helps people witness how clumsy I can be when I try to balance my phone, my purse and the innumerable books while trying to fish out the car keys out of my purse. Yes that can be quite a comical/embarrassing scene depending on which side of the fence you are. But hey, who cares !! It’s having the arm load of books that matters.

While on the topic of books, I must say that this is the third consecutive year that in Daughter’s letter to Santa, books topped her list. What more can I ask from a 6 year old !!! The last year I also introduced her to Enid Blyton books. So far she only had read Noddy but in our last trip to India I bought her the Wishing Chair Series and the Enchanted Woods Series. She loved them all. Can any of you suggest what other Enid Blyton series a six year old would enjoy ?? Do you guys think it’s too early for Famous Five ??

Anyway I need to go and make that cuppa and get cozy with my book. The hubby and Daughter are engrossed in theirs. It’s such a peaceful evening here, you can hear the rain pelting down on the roof and the electric kettle whistling, the hissing of the furnace and the distant wind chimes. Its almost a perfect setting to start a book. So I need to hurry and keep my phone and get that book 🙂 .

See you guys tomorrow !!!


6 thoughts on “Day 3 – Books and Reading

  1. Wow, I wanna come over to your house and borrow one of your books and a corner in your home. If you could offer a cuppa, then nothing better than that. Even I love physical books the most. Great to know that your daughter is an avid reader.

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